Welcome back to the self-storage blog reality series that will change the game forever. From the people who didn’t bring you Storage Wars or Auction Hunters comes a new mixed-media series, chronicling the adventures of 18 Internet start-up nerds on a quest to master their own product. It works like this: Duos of SpareFoot employees move a pile of weird, disturbing and occasionally hazardous items from one storage facility to the next around Austin. Each team adds their own stuff to the pile along the way, and everyone gets to experience self-storage and figure out how our site can make it easier for future customers. Boom.

Team 10: Ryan (Sales Manager) and Keith (VP of Revenue)

Oh goodness. The first run of Adventures In Storage has finally drawn to a close. Our newest SpareFeet, Kryan, were quickly thrown into this ultimate team building exercise to end all team building exercises. Like good sports, they embraced the opportunity to learn a little bit more about self-storage and the way we do things around here.

Keith has real problems securing a rental truck during the busy student moving season here in Austin. And they certainly need a truck for the long ride down to their facility of choice in neighboring Buda, TX, a true shotgun-and-pickup-truck sort of town.

The truck they finally rented is a bit too big, so things are clunking and flying around in the back the whole drive over. There is an incident with Mario’s toilet… it’s now in multiple pieces. But luckily the toilet still stands upright, and Kryan throws the extra shards into Evan’s dishwasher for safekeeping.

“One thing we quite enjoyed is we had a larger unit, so it gave us the opportunity to really stage the area for a nice diorama presentation format,” Keith explained.

As Keith blows up his inflatable kiddie pool in the parking lot, at least one pickup-driving Buda resident gives him a weary stink-eye. In addition to the pool, Kryan contributes an inflatable mini-school bus, an extremely creepy baby doll that Ryan couldn’t wait to get out of his family’s garage, and Keith’s “collector’s item” Snake Plissken action figure from the movie Escape From L.A. One can’t help but notice the similarities between Escape From L.A. and Adventures In Storage, as far as unnecessary sequels go.

“it was very Indiana Jones-esque. We had a good time.” Ryan commented.

Being the last in line means having to move the full load of junk our team has piled into these storage units over nine weeks. Kryan are rather displeased with this fate, threatening “retribution” against those who added the more difficult and heavy items. When asked what said retribution might entail, Ryan refuses to go on the record at this time. But Keith chimes in to suggest “it might involve some of the sharper and more dangerous items we found in the unit.”

Meanwhile, Ryan is happy to go on the record noting that Chuck’s hair is “way better than Justin Bieber’s.”

Kryan’s adventure spurs at least one brilliant idea for improving our customers’ self-storage experience— the offering of rental SpareFoot-branded El Caminos as an alternative to moving trucks.