At SpareFoot, we like to treat our people right. That’s why our fridge has a full row dedicated to Monster energy drinks, both 16 and 32-ounce cans, for our web development team. Why all the taurine? Because our devs have a beautiful, life-threatening obsession that’s an inspiration to everyone in our scrappy startup.

Patrick Mizer, Lead Developer, said his passion began as a bright-eyed sophomore at the University of Texas. Working his first programming job while taking a 19-hour computer science course load, it didn’t take him long to discover the juice. After establishing a regimen of two cans per day, his employers knew something had changed.

“My boss was quick to notice the increase of production,” Patrick said. With a steady stream of Monster energy flowing through his hyper-productive body and mind, nothing could stop Patrick from charging onto the SpareFoot programming scene. “I negotiated for Monster as part of my employment contract,” he proudly recalled.

Now, he ensures his fellow developers share the ritual. “SpareFoot consumes about four cases per month,” Patrick said. “I personally consume half of that.”

To welcome new hires, every member of the dev team (Jeffrey, Evan, Jahn aka Toni, Andrew, Tri aka The Jerk, Morgan, Long and Patrick) consumes a 32-ounce can of Monster, labeled by the company as a BFC. You can probably figure out what the acronym stands for.

“This serves both as bonding experience for the team and a mechanism for weeding out the weak-minded,” Patrick explained.

When asked of side-effects, Patrick was aloof. He rattled off dizziness, tremors, sexual problems, rapid heartbeat and nausea, to name a few. But fueled by nothing but Monster and pitas, Patrick helped build many of’s tools.

Before I could ask anything else, he had sprinted halfway to the fridge to reload. The Dev Cave was churning productively once again, propelling SpareFoot into the forefront of self-storage innovation.

  • Jason Huie

    As a former co-worker of Patrick, I, too, have fallen victim to the Monster predilection. I don’t classify it as an addiction because I can stop any time I want….really, I can. I’m saddened to read that Sparefoot actually stocks the BFC. The BFC used to be a cruel joke to ruin a co-worker’s day. Purchasing one for a fellow dev used to be a hilarious way to over-caffeinate the recipient (of course, you have to drink it if someone bought it for you) and provide an afternoon of entertainment for everyone else.