Many of our team members, like Support & Implementation Intern Wade, eschew desk chairs in favor of oversized exercise balls. We’re talking exercise balls that are more commonly seen in Jane Fonda workout videos than in offices, but SpareFoot is not your average office. And Wade is not your average intern.

A few weeks ago – while his supervisor was in a meeting – Wade strategically positioned three of these balls in front of a regular chair, and showcased his extreme jumping ability. “I tried to remain fearless during the jump, like my idol Jimmy Snuka,” he said.

But when I went over to interview Wade for this article, he was reluctant to take his eyes off the computer screen. With an anxious quiver in his voice, he bounced nervously on an exercise ball and told me he didn’t have time to answer my questions. Wade was so busy working with new and existing SpareFoot storage facility clients to make sure their accounts are configured correctly in our system.

Originally from Florida, Wade comes to SpareFoot by way of Utah. A relatively new employee, he is currently finishing up his undergraduate studies in communications at Texas State University by night, while working at SpareFoot during the day. As far as long-term plans are concerned, Wade said his dream is to become a motivational speaker/life consultant.

“I have a very diverse working background, and I know what its like to be undervalued by an employer. SpareFoot treats you like family. This leads to a genuine passion for success in my role here,” Wade explained. “Plus, I have the freedom to wear short shorts each day.” And oh boy, does he take advantage of that.

“He’s by far the most motivated-to-succeed person I’ve ever seen,” Client Relations Manager Barry said. “He really cares about his work. He’s wonderful.” Plus, the man can jump!

  • Tommy

    Where’s the video?!

  • Waldo Pepper

    So well written. Great job, Don John.

  • The Savior

    Bet those short shorts don’t even come close to the beauties I rolled in to SpareFoot with.

  • Travis

    Nice write up!