Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rent out a self-storage space for your stomach? Then you could eat all the stuffing you ever desired. In fact, you could compartmentalize and rent out a self-storage unit for each type of food you wanted to consume. Okay, you’re probably done thinking about food for a while after Thanksgiving, but why not learn some tricks for making a Tur-Duck-En as the next round of holiday feasts begins to rear its beautiful head? As you bemoan the woes of eating too much candied yams (or too little), look forward to the festivities by looking back at some of our top holiday storage tips.

If you have a Home-Alone-sized group of relatives coming over this holiday, remember that self-storage is the best option for making extra space for Uncle John. Or, if you really don’t like Uncle John, read our fun how-to guide on putting your family into storage. We won’t judge you if you’re really considering it.

If you’re worried about nosy family members snooping around in your closets, consider using self-storage to hide birthday presents and holiday gifts. Self-storage is the best option for outsmarting those nosy kids who just can’t seem to stay away from mysterious PlayStation-shaped presents. If you’ve been looking for a secure and impregnable location for all of the presents for your loved ones, self-storage is the answer. This year, you can enjoy the true look of surprise (or horror) on gift-giving day.

For those of you brave and courageous storage industry souls planning to throw a party at your facility, minimize stress and maximize confetti with our 5 Step Program: Self-Storage Holiday Party. A holiday storage party is a fantastic way to thank your employees and current customers, as well as connect with new ones around the neighborhood.

Finally, when the holidays wind down and your lawn needs to return back from the North Pole, don’t throw your decorations in the garage! Instead, keep Rudolph and all of his friends safe and warm in a mini storage unit until you need him again.

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