Here at the SpareFoot office, we love our furry friends almost as much as we love self-storage. Meet Penny, a glorious vision in red and gold. Penny, who’s birthday just happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day, is a 2-1/2-year-old Australian shepherd border collie mix.

It’s hard to believe that the magnificent ball of fur pictured above came from truly humble beginnings. Penny was found pregnant in Manor, TX, an area known for its alarming number of puppy mills. When Jeanette, our marketing analyst, found her at the Town Lake Animal Shelter last October, she was almost a different dog.


“She was really skittish and shy,” Jeanette said. “She was super skinny and didn’t have a lot of hair. But as soon as she started eating better, she gained 50 pounds.”

With tons of love, food and coaxing, Penny transformed from a thin puppy into a gorgeous lioness. While she may still be shy, she has come a long way since the puppy mill.

“When I first brought her to the office, she would sit under my desk and shake. But now she’s exploring a lot more and less afraid of humans–I think bringing her to the office has helped so much.”

Thankfully, the SpareFoot office is the furthest thing from a puppy mill. Today, Penny has the luxury of sauntering through the office to loving admirers and frequent tummy rubs. She’s calm, quiet and extremely sweet.

So what does Penny like to do when she’s not the crown jewel of the SpareFoot office? She loves walking to the Austin Capitol and enjoys wrestling, although she gives little love-nips instead of biting. She also has an obsession with meatballs, to the point where Jeanette said her boyfriend’s parents will send frozen meatballs just for Penny.

“If anyone had to describe Penny, she would be chill,” Jeanette said. “She just wants to go with the flow.”

Chill and a meatball lover? A keeper, if there ever was one.

  • Chexi

    this dog is super sweet y’all! A++ article, if i may say so myself. My daughter Olivia and I are huge dog lovers. Needless to say, we both enjoy this article very much.

    • Jenny

      Thanks for the comment! Penny truly is the sweetest. Glad you and Olivia enjoyed reading :)