It’s been a crazy year for us here at SpareFoot. In addition to rocking the self-storage world, we’ve had some amazing and weird times both in and out of the office. Here’s a look back at some of our finest moments:

We had a love affair of Last Tango in Paris proportions with Tacodeli. Our dev team was secretly responsible for a worldwide Monster shortage. Our intern Wade dove fearlessly into a row of terrified exercise balls. We repped the yellow, yellow and yellow at the Summer Startup Olympics like a pack of Usain Bolts fused with the US Swim Team and some Jeremy Lins circa early 2012. Our intern Matt Stites threw caution to the winds and possibly to his stomach when he tried to apply self-storage techniques to a TurDuckEn. The entire office came down with Foosball fever. Our search marketing director Craig became a father!

When we weren’t busy with all things self-storage (#storchat, trends, web marketing tools), we worked on giving back to the community with drives, volunteer efforts and parties. We tried to help as much as we could when Hurricane Sandy struck. We teamed up with Supply Memories to help a school supply drive for preventing dropouts. A couple of SpareFeet painted stencils on the blacktop at Austin’s Reilly Elementary School to fight childhood obesity and bring awareness to the community. We defied the laws of time and stretched Earth Day into Earth Weekend, and did everything we could to benefit the environment. We offered our first Spare Funds scholarship, which gave one lucky student the chance to study abroad with $5000 and zero storage stress. On top of it all, we threw a pretty sweet shindig at SXSW and somehow managed to keep doing our day jobs.

Finally, we gave the Basketball Wives a run for their money with our Adventures in Storage series. Watch out, Kardashians, we’re coming for you next.

  • Lucky13X

    Only at SpareFoot!

  • Rayanna Smith

    Sounds like a great year! Awesome how you guys give back to the community!!