When I sat down to interview Evan, our senior developer at SpareFoot, I had no idea that I was about to talk to the true definition of “a jack of all trades.” In addition to allocating the dev team among different projects, running sprints, and handling his own projects as a developer, Evan has an eclectic set of skills and an amazingly interesting past peppered with chef-dom, playing in a rock band, and helping fellow SpareFeet with real estate.

Evan grew up in South Austin, although he only moved back three years ago. Prior to returning to Austin, he spent five years travelling and touring the entire country with his band, damesviolet.

“We played every place in Austin–Antone’s, Stubb’s, dilapidated buildings–and we did South By South West five years in a row. I still play for fun on the weekends.”

But even before traversing the likes of North Carolina, California and Houston in his pursuit of stardom, Evan nursed hopes of being a professional chef, a dream that began in high school.

“I got some professional jobs, but it’s such a new lifestyle to work in that industry. I’m an avid cook now, but I don’t cook professionally anymore.”

Evan has since settled down from his wild lifestyle and has worked at SpareFoot for three years–he’s been here since the very beginning.

“I’ve kind of done everything since I’ve been here: sales guy, call center, support, basically everything. It was just a few of us back in the day, so everyone had to do everything.”

SpareFoot only had a few bookings a day when it first started. Since then, we’ve added thousands of facilities, 40+ employees, and more food in the kitchen than our bodies have room for.

“Most of my life is consumed by SpareFoot–it’s such a full-time job. It’s starting to tame down now that we’re getting bigger.”

When he’s not at the office, Evan likes to play with his weenie dog Brego, named after the King of Rohan in The Lord of the Rings book trilogy. He also owns and manages five rental properties, working part-time in real estate with a company called Homegrown Homes.

“I like home construction,” he said. “Stuff like home flips, builds, remodeling and creative real estate transactions. I helped Tony and some other people at SpareFoot buy their houses–some people know me as the real estate guy.”

So in the span of five minutes, Evan has transformed from aspiring chef to veteran rock star to developer pro to a real estate expert before my eyes. As Kanye West once expertly expressed, “no one man should have all that power.”

Aside from his crucial role as a developer, Evan is an important asset to the SpareFoot office for a much different reason–he helped win the beer pong championship at the Startup Olympics in January.

“It’s how I pitch in around here,” he said modestly.

Our CEO Chuck, who awarded Evan the December BigFoot of the Month, may beg to differ. For his impeccable overall work, Evan received a gargoyle table as his trophy. It currently sits next to his desk, a terrifying portent with wild and fiery eyes, adding an aura of Gothic realness to the Dev Cave.

“Maybe I can just use it as my desk in the future.”