When we’re not eating Tacodeli every Monday, hungry SpareFeet can be found preparing tuna sandwiches, munching on pistachios, or waxing poetic to the coffee pot in the glorious SpareFoot kitchen. According to a survey by Staples Advantage, 73% of office workers said that a well-stocked kitchen would make them happier at work. It just so happens that 100% of SpareFeet are made happier and fuller by the SpareFoot kitchen, which surpasses “well-stocked” and more closely resembles a treasure trove of food. Welcome to paradise.

SpareFeet can enjoy a lovely view of downtown Austin anytime.

It wouldn’t be unusual for someone to feel overwhelmed by the various colors, textures and shapes they see when they step into the kitchen for the first time–I know I was. To your immediate right is a towering mecca of snacks ranging from nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios) to every lunch bar imaginable. To the left is a beverage fridge stocked with Naked juice, Monster, IPAs and Fireman’s #4. A first timer might very well faint from the sensory overload–liquor, pies, and chocolate reach out with seductive fingers, whispering, “come here, weary traveler, come here.”

We’re passionate about snacks.

So maybe I’m reaching, maybe we’re not quite that hungry all the time. Our office manager Geni, who oversees everything kitchen-related, told me that the overall food ordering process is pretty simple.

“We have three providers we order from throughout the week. Our employees put whatever they want on a food request list, then I send the order in and try to get as much as I can. Sometimes I’ll even go as far as Amazon to get things people want.”

Our lovely prep table, complete with Sriracha and pistachios. Not pictured: wild SpareFeet crowding around the coffee pot.

Her efforts aren’t lost on us–when asked about their favorite food items, SpareFeet were eager to respond:

“There is a difference between what I love and what I eat,” said customer support coordinator Melissa van de Putte. “I am very excited to see the chocolate–I’m a chick, that’s our thing. But I have actually just embarked on a fondness for the infamous Lara bars–now that’s what I should be eating.”

Meanwhile, implementation specialist Laura Bishop enjoys the more out-there offerings found in the mysterious crevices of our kitchen.

“When I started at SpareFoot, I was so excited about the seaweed. I mean who eats seaweed? No one! Yet I found myself a glorious haven of tub upon tub of seaweed in the SpareFoot kitchen. I quickly uncovered this delectable treat and can sometimes be found in my corner eating it like a squirrel who just found a nut.”

According to Geni, the most popular food items are Sriracha, pickles and tuna. Monster, 5-hr Energy and coffee top the most consumed beverages. Our development team in particular might be responsible for three-fourths of the Monster consumed in this office alone.

Smoked salmon and IPAs cohabiting peacefully.           

“We have every flavor of Monster, but Green Tea, Tea and Lemonade, and regular Monster are the favorites around here,” said Geni. “I never let Monster or coffee run out, because there are legitimate meltdowns if that happens. When I first started, we ran out a couple of times and I got text messages and emails asking where the coffee was!”

Stacks on stacks on stacks of Monster.

This caffeine addiction is for good reason–our amazing employees don’t ever seem to stop working. When they do come up for fresh air, however, there’s a reward waiting for them: SpareFoot has always lived by a “work hard, play hard” philosophy, and when we play, we play. One of the most sacred traditions at SpareFoot is happy hour–every other week, two SpareFeet organize a themed happy hour in the office with ridiculous costumes, funny props and–to put it most delicately–booze.

“One of our investors had a bunch of huge letters left over,” said Geni, “and they just happened to spell BAR.”

“There are a few types of liquor we have to have,” said Geni. “Fireball Whisky, Bulleit Bourbon, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Tito’s Vodka, and Hpnotiq and Hennessy for Incredible Hulks. Every time I go buy alcohol, the cashiers get really excited and horrified.”

Live Oak Big Bark + keg = love.

It’s hard not to be magnetized by the impressive SpareFoot bar, the centerpiece of our kitchen. It’s a proud and exquisite menagerie of liquor bottles ranging from the normal (Smirnoff) to the eyebrow-raising (Hpnotiq). We also have a kegerator and a newly acquired liquor dispenser, courtesy of sales representative Josh West.

Is there anything that could make our kitchen better? It turns out there is: we’re hiring a chef!

It’s becoming a thing for startups [to have a chef],” said Geni. “It’s much healthier and more cost effective.”

SpareFoot is expanding our office space onto an additional floor soon, so all of you talented chefs can enjoy the comfort of an entire, separate kitchen. If you’re interested in making some delicious and versatile food for 60+ hungry mouths, please apply! We would love to have you–and your culinary delights.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=53300040 Bevin Gaines

    So… what are you guys doing when you’re not hitting the booze 😉

    • http://thestoragefacilitator.com Rachel Greenfield

      Ha ha… working ridiculous hours to make our storage-seeking customers and listed facility clients happy! Then the boozing begins.