[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

SpareFoot is a big proponent of finding new uses for otherwise traditional self-storage spaces. From turning your garage into a living space to keeping Star Wars memorabilia in check, there are all kinds of ways to get creative with how you store your stuff. The next unusual installment in that series? Shipping container homes.

Shipping containers are popular because of their strength–they’re made of steel, meant to carry heavy loads, and even designed to stack on top of each other. Additionally, shipping containers boast wide availability around the world, and their relatively low price makes them extremely attractive as fast and sustainable living spaces. Plus, they’re unique – “home” is a relative term, of course. Apparently there is no limit to what you can build with a shipping container, or even where you can build it!

The shipping container’s simple construction lends itself to a sleek, modern aesthetic, and can stand alone as a small unit, or can be combined with other shipping containers as well as other architectural elements to create a larger building. They truly are unique-looking buildings. What’s more, you can fill the shipping container living space with any number of things.

If you anticipate changing your décor style regularly, furniture rental may be the way to go – you’ll never be stuck with a blue couch if red ones are suddenly in vogue! With companies like CORT Furniture Rental, you can rent by the room, or choose individual pieces to create a room yourself.

Not looking to use the shipping container as a conventional (there’s a contradiction for you) home? There are plenty of other options. With some poking around online, we’ve found everything from shipping container “campers” in New Zealand, to student housing in Copenhagen, to pop-up hotels in London constructed from dozens of shipping containers.

What would you do with your shipping container home? Would you turn it into a yoga studio? A rave club? A country getaway? The possibilities are endless.

  • Sarah Matt

    Creativity combined with beauty! Shows how an abandoned piece of place can be transformed into a useful and attractive Self Storage Facility

  • imtheone

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