Clinton "Ton" Jones and Allen Haff of Spike TV's Auction Hunters

The A&E television series “Storage Wars” and the SpikeTV series “Auction Hunters” have helped bring light to the world of storage auctions. They depict the plight of people who, for various reasons, haven’t been able to keep up with the monthly payment for their storage unit rentals, and have had their abandoned belongings auctioned off. If you rent self-storage and find yourself in this predicament, what are your options and how long do you have before your stuff is put up for storage auction?

Well, that all depends. Each state has different laws on the books with respect to just how long a storage company has before they’re legally able to evict your possessions, and recoup some of the back rent owed by holding an auction. These are the generally accepted rules:

  • Your storage company is legally required to send you a certain number of certified letters letting you know your past due status and what you have to do in order to prevent from losing your belongings. Again, this number varies by state.
  • If no response or payment is received from you, your storage company then places an ad in the classifieds section of the local newspaper, advertising the upcoming storage auction. The length of time these ads have to run is also defined by law, and is different from state to state.

Your Recourse

If you rent self-storage and are in danger of having your belongings sold at storage auctions, you have until the start of the auction to show up and pay the money that’s back-owed. Then the storage facility is required to call off the auction.

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  • jobson

    I got a listing off auctionlistnow.comcom and actually saw them filming this shit is real maybe the selling part has been faked but search is real

  • Vince

    Both of these shows are really entertaining, and there are now huge numbers of new people interested in storage auctions. We’ve been publishing storage auction listings over at to a few folks for a little over a year now, but peoples’ interest in them has absolutely exploded over the past month.

    Anyway folks, make sure your address and payment info is up to date with your storage company, so it’s not your stuff that shows up next on TV!

  • Ivana Beveridge

    Anyone interested in attending self storage auctions for themselves should take a look at They’ve got some great beginner resources!

  • weaksauce

    I really think it is sad that people try to come up on others misfortunes or hard times. Loosing your belongings would be terrible especially if its all you have left.

  • Lisette marciano

    I lost all my things they auctioned them off December 17 20015 all I asked back were my photos and albums and vhs tapes of my kids all I got back was a handful of photos I abviousy can never replace those things after being homeless for 2 years and having a Diabled son needless to say it was a terrible birthday to say the least !!😭