Last week, a blizzard swept through the Plains region and coated the midsection of the nation in blinding white snow. According to CNN, more than 56,000 buildings were without power in Kansas and Missouri. Although it was mostly sunny with a chance of more sun in Austin, the ramifications of the blizzard were felt even at SpareFoot. Our outside call center PhoneSmart, which handles much of our consumer call volume, shut down due to the intensity of the storm in Missouri. This meant that 100% of calls were getting rerouted to our Customer Experience team, which currently clocks in at an intimidating six people.

This sort of challenge would have destroyed lesser teams, but SpareFoot rose to the occasion. Not only did our Customer Experience team work through blood and sweat to beast through 100% of the call volume two days in a row, but tons of eager SpareFoot employees jumped in to volunteer at our floating station, including VP of Technology Josh Lipton, Search Marketing Director Craig Barrett, Client Relations Manager Barry Finder, and our beloved Chario–COO and Co-Founder Mario Feghali and CEO and Founder Chuck Gordon.

“It’s a startup–crazy things happen,” said Mario. “Who knows when you’re going to have to step in.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Chario has hunkered down to man the phones. In the days of yore, Chuck and Mario were actually the only people handling calls.

“Chuck and I took calls when it was just really the two of us,” said Mario. “This was my first time in a year.”

Once again, our CE team demonstrated their incredible and unparalleled excellence at their jobs, whipping a rusty Chario into phone-ready shape in less than five minutes.

“Overall it was amazing,” raved Mario. “I learned a lot, and that team does really well. It’s good to be able to hear customers and what they need, especially when walking them through the first time. Most people haven’t even booked a storage unit before, so just getting to help them is incredible.”

Our employees’ fierce eagerness to dive in and help out is just another example of how great the SpareFoot culture is. When I asked him to elaborate on the experience, Chuck modestly brushed it off as another day at the office.

“We had a ton of inbound volume and the team needed help, so I helped.”

If you happened to rent storage with SpareFoot last week, you could have been talking to our very own CEO. Did he have a deep, velvety baritone and soothe your pains away? Then you were figuring out how to store your extra bed frame with Chuck Gordon. Congratulations, and hopefully he gave you exemplary customer service–complaints can be directed to