Is there anything more cruel than the cold reality of daylight saving time colliding with the aftermath of The SpareFoot Party? This thought ran sluggishly through my mind on Sunday (yes, Sunday) morning as my bloodshot eyes opened, screaming, to sunlight. In case you missed it, The SpareFoot Party happened on Friday (March 8), kicking off Interactive with deafening electronic beats and tasty, irresponsible libations.

This wasn’t SpareFoot’s first courageous foray into hosting legendary parties–last year’s Spare Beats (read about it here) was a day-to-night success with killer beats, food and drinks. This year, however, we knew that we had to go harder than ever before–and it’s safe to say that we succeeded. Thankfully, we had the foresight to project tweets hashtagged #sparefoot all night long, which means that we still have some record of what went down at the sweetest party of the year:



tweet3Was this real life or was this just fantasy? There are so many questions we still have: who started this rumor, why would they do such a thing, and most of all–was it a rumor after all? Did the Gos actually show up in a fedora and black sweater, and hang out by the staircase buying people Grey Goose? Or was it all a dream? Whatever the case may have been, all we know is that Gosling left us hanging like an episode of Lost.

tweet5A special thanks to whoever started the rumor that Grumpy Cat was at the party–way to break a few hopeful hearts and be the reason for some sloppy tears (mainly mine).

tweet1tweet13Forget Gosling and Grumpy Cat for a second, someone had Google Glass at our party! And we all know that the only thing better looking than Gosling or Tardar Sauce is Gosling or Tardar Sauce through Google Glass vision. Could we possibly be seeing some SpareFoot Party footage in the next Google commercial? Waiting for our check from Larry Page anyday now…



tweet6We owe a huge part of the success of our party to our amazing talent: Table Manners Crew, Applied Pressure, DJ Expo, Jayceeoh, and K. Flay. They kept us dancing, sweaty, and accidentally spilling drinks on strangers all night long, and we love them for it.



tweet12Thanks to everyone who came out and danced their feet raw. Overall, the venue was packed, every single body was dancing in some manner (the guy with the red leather jacket, anyone?) and many memories were made, but not remembered. Thanks to our amazing party planners Rachel Greenfield, Geni Glynn, Denise Martin, and Jeffrey CherewatyThe North Door’s 500-person capacity, and our awesome marketing team, the line was around the corner! Stay tuned for next year’s party–we promise it will be even crazier. There have been whispers of throwing cheese into the crowd, but we’re not in any position to disclose such sensitive information yet. We’re SpareFoot after all; crazy is how we do. See you next year, party people!

By the way, if anyone has photographic proof that Ryan Gosling was at our party, Instagram that to @SpareFoot please. A Foot can dream, right?

  • CatFu

    Yes, red leather jacket guy was gettin’ his groove on for real! We were watching in awe for while.

  • Mace

    Gosling came WITH Grumpy Cat.