SpareFoot Prosthetic

AUSTIN, Tx.— In a move that toes the line of innovation, tech startup SpareFoot announced it will add prosthetic feet to its self-storage marketplace offering. The cutting-edge prostheses feature exclusive transtibial technology developed to serve the millions of Americans who suffer moving-related injuries annually.

The idea has legs, according to biomechanics expert Donovan Sherkofsky of the Real Estate Medical Research Center:

“With its self-storage industry expertise, SpareFoot is a shoe-in to corner the underserved market of those who accidentally drop heavy boxes on themselves during a move.”

Moving for household or business reasons is at the heels of elevator repair when it comes to high Amputation Risk Level— “we’re talking like an 11.5,” Sherkofsky said.

SpareFoot began cobbling these plans together last April, when Founder and CEO Chuck Gordon considered why the sole purpose of SpareFoot was to make finding storage units easy for customers. That wasn’t enough.

“Prosthetics felt like a natural extension of our brand,” Gordon said. “We’re putting our best you-know-what forward into this kick-ass new venture.”


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