[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT ]

Your startup may have all the potential in the world, but if it isn’t able to operate well on a day-to-day basis, things can go downhill pretty fast. This doesn’t apply just to startups, however. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a member of a Fortune 500 company, your business needs to run as smoothly as possible every day.

Whether you’re opening a new office, reconfiguring your old one or starting a business, a little planning in the beginning saves a lot of headache later on, both for your business and its employees.

So why is great office space important? The importance of a well-established office lies in its functionality. A functional office lets you focus on the things that are most important every day, allowing for higher productivity. It also allows you to effectively deal with crises. You don’t want to be figuring out how to hook up more phones when a sudden influx of calls is coming in, or rummaging for extra storage to clear a boardroom table for an emergency meeting.

But there’s a catch. Financing office furnishings can be expensive, and that can be problematic for a number of reasons. More often than not, the business itself needs the most attention and capital investment; furniture is fairly low on the list. But the fact is, it can be hard for a business to grow without a properly equipped office. To avoid having to work out of your kitchen, office furniture rental may be the way to go.

Office furniture rental allows for flexibility when it comes to choosing layout and technology, for example. Today, office furniture rental is very much about facilitating the office as a whole. Companies like Herman Miller and CORT Furniture Rental have embraced the needs of the modern office and cater to them with office systems and furniture that easily incorporate technology and encourage a versatile workplace. Perhaps most importantly, renting your office furnishings lets you put resources where they’re needed most; instead of investing in a whole suite of permanent furnishings, you simply can rent what you need when you need it.

Like our favorite company that helps people find and reserve self-storage units, a business that focuses on its culture and atmosphere ultimately becomes a fun place to work and becomes that much more productive. However you choose to set up your offices, make sure you have ways to organize; sufficient space for people to do their jobs; and an arrangement that fosters collaboration and teamwork.