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[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

It’s the unavoidable post-move problem: You’re all unpacked, but now you’ve got cardboard moving boxes as far as the eye can see. Unless you’ve chosen to skip the cardboard altogether, you’re looking at a sea of brown cardboard that serves no purpose but to block your TV.

Fortunately, with a little creativity you can turn useless into useful and get the most out of your moving supplies. Here are seven brilliant uses for leftover cardboard boxes.

1. Cardboard Furniture
If you’re a little short on furniture after the move–even if you’ve gone the furniture rental route–you could consider constructing your own from your leftover boxes. Plenty of instructional videos and guidelines are available on the Internet. The general idea is this: Simple structures like tables need only some creative folding. But to avoid a “Three Stooges”-style incident at the dinner table, furnishings like chairs that will bear more weight should be reinforced with several layers of cardboard.

cardboard chair

2. Life-Size Cutout
Lie down on a large, deconstructed cardboard box, have a friend trace your outline, cut it out, glue a folded triangle to the bottom of the back, and prop it up to create a life-size cutout of yourself. Alternatives: the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World or Edward Cullen (if you want to scare your friends).

edward cullen

3. The Ultimate Cat Toy
It’s common knowledge that cats will play with anything: string, toy mice, scratching posts, the legs of your new sofa. To cater to your cat’s creativity and (hopefully) prevent the destruction of your furniture, simply place an empty cardboard box on the floor and let your cat go to town. Watch the box become a shelter, a bed, a snack, a lookout post—and, ultimately, a thing to be demolished. Rest in peace, little box. We hardly knew ye.

cat toy cardboard box

4. Boxes for Storage
Novel though it may seem, you always could use your boxes to gather up the things you’re putting in storage. Use a self-storage finder to locate the perfect place, pack your boxes and seal them well, and store them safely away.

moving boxes

5. Summer Sled
Alleviate your longing for your favorite winter pastime by flattening a large cardboard box and sliding down a grassy hill, snow sled-style. Parka and earmuffs are optional, but not recommended.


6. Robot Costume
A little silver paint; some holes for your torso, arms and legs; and some well-rehearsed Michael Jackson dance moves will make you and your cardboard boxes the hit of your next costume-required office party.

carboard robot costume

7. Phone Booth
Cut some square windows in the sides of a refrigerator-size cardboard box, slice along three edges to create a hinged door and … ta-da! Instant telephone booth. Paint it red to either add a touch of British charm to your home or to use it as a superhero changing booth; paint it blue and put a light on top to make your very own time-traveling TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) machine. (Whooshing noises and/or Lois Lane sold separately.)

cardboard phone booth

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  • Paul Reynolds, SelfStorAll

    Great compilation and lots of fun. You guys are great.

  • Lucky13X

    The TARDIS suggestion is a great idea. Will be sure to let my sibling know about that one.

    • Jenny Zhang

      Bad Wolf

  • Ken Flores

    Could use number seven this coming Halloween.LOL Great ideas for leftover Moving Boxes.

  • Charles B.Bedard

    Using your cardboard to create brilliant art. Convert cardboard to decorated storage boxes.You use your moving boxes to transport your treasured items to and from your living spaces.

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