SELF STORAGE from Peter O’Brien on Vimeo.

It’s not exactly intuitive to associate storage units with inspired cinematic drama. But in this compelling short film we just discovered, an average 8×12 unit is the perfect stage for plot twists in a tale of betrayal and revenge. Before his days as the creepily hilarious Dwight Schrute on The Office, Rainn Wilson was just plain creepy in Self-Storage, written and directed by Peter O’Brien in 2002.

Wilson stars as a self-storage customer with an agenda beyond de-cluttering the garage. His wife is having a not-so-secret affair with one of their friends, who is helping Wilson’s character move in to his self-storage unit. The unspoken tension between the men builds as they navigate the facility’s underground hallways, and it becomes clear that something dark will happen just around the harshly lit corner.

indieWIRE’s Spout cinema blog recently posted Daniel Walber’s review of the 16-minute film, which praised its solid script and effective pacing. As Walber wrote, it’s a “spooky exploration of those proverbial skeletons, hiding in some larger and more unnerving underground closets.”

Luckily, SpareFoot does not list storage units at the fictional E-Z-DUZIT facility depicted here, where suspense and violence play out in the dizzying, uncomfortable setting. Hopefully this doesn’t traumatize any of our renters, but rather gives them something kind of sinisterly fun to think about when moving in/out or visiting their units. Just don’t choose the wrong friend to come along and help with the heavy lifting.

  • Fort Carson Mini Storage

    I can’t finish the film.Talk about the creepy hallways of a storage facility… The next time I rent one, the place has to be NOT CREEPY.

  • Rachel

    Haha, I feel the same way. Thanks for reading and watching… at least some of it!