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SpareFoot is seeking some amazing folks—about 20, actually—to join our Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team.

To recruit new members of the ACE Team, SpareFoot is holding an open house from 6-8 p.m. Feb. 26 at our fun and funky headquarters in downtown Austin. Food and adult beverages will be served.

In case you’re wondering, the ACE Team helps people across the country find self-storage. (Some people might refer to this part of our company as a “call center,” but we really don’t like that term.) SpareFoot operates the country’s largest online marketplace for self-storage.

Josh Lipton, leader of the ACE Team, said future team members should “admire Zappos and other companies that have proven that you can be a tremendous success without the typical factory-like mentality that pervades so many sales and support organizations.”

To score your spot at the open house, you’ve got to send an RSVP to SpareFoot recruiter Katie Smith at and submit an application before Feb. 24. After you complete both of those tasks, details about the open house will be sent to you by email.

Here are a four tips to keep in mind if you’re attending the two-hour open house:

  • Bring your résumé.
  • Dress casually (we’re not formal around here).
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Be ready to meet a lot of SpareFeet.

Josh Lipton

Josh Lipton, leader of the SpareFoot ACE Team

Why You Should Work at SpareFoot
So, why would you want to work at SpareFoot? Here are eight of the many awesome reasons.

1. In 2013, we were recognized as a great workplace by the Austin Business Journal, the Austin American-Statesman and furniture company Turnstone.

2. We chow down every weekday on chef-prepared lunches.

3. One of our core values is “Work hard, play hard.”

4. We maintain a fully stocked bar.

5. Everyone receives stock options.

6. Champagne is our official beverage.

7. We kicked ass at this year’s and last year’s Austin Startup Games!

8. “Are you ready to be treated like a grownup at work, with the same accountability and expectations that are normally reserved for ‘leadership’ in other teams?” Lipton said.

Cathie Fuentes

SpareFoot ACE Team member Cathie Fuentes

What We’re Looking For
Curious about it takes to be hired for the ACE Team? Lipton cited six questions that get at the heart of what an ACE Team member should be.

1. Are you an excellent communicator? Your communication should be clear, open and engaging, Lipton said.

2. Are you authentic? “You should be genuine and sincere, with a love for transparency and real interactions,” he said.

3. Are you able to adapt? You should be open to change, should love to “fail forward” and should thrive when faced with various challenges, Lipton said.

4. Are you talented? “Are you sharp and skilled at managing multiple systems and tools concurrently, and do you have the mental fortitude and critical thinking necessary to help make a difference on our team?” he said.

5. Are you committed? “You should be passionate about SpareFoot but, more importantly, passionate about our mission to deliver the most amazing experience possible to both our prospective tenants and our current customers,” Lipton said.

6. Are you “other-ish”? “Are you someone who cares about benefiting others while also having ambitious goals to advance their own interests? You’re definitely not a taker, but you don’t give mindlessly,” he said.

For more information about career opportunities at SpareFoot, visit

Photos by Matt Stites; pictured in the top photo is ACE Team member Josh Strey

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