Barack Obama

An Obama library in Chicago? It’s likely to happen. But where in the Windy City might President Obama’s presidential library and museum go? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. So far, six Chicago locales are duking it out for the honor. In this infographic, SpareFoot takes a look at the contenders.

By the way, if want to store your library- or museum-worthy belongings–or anything else–in the Windy City, check out SpareFoot’s listing of storage units in Chicago.

Obama library in Chicago

  • NorthSure

    Bronzeville is the most accessible and the most symbolic. UC has the greatest potential for integration into University programs and ongoing investment, but they have a checkered history with the neighboring black communities and taking another chunk out of Woodlawn (the plan so far) probably isn’t going to help. It’s between those two, forget the rest.