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The debate has raged for decades in Texas: Which is the better city, Dallas or Houston? Among many Texans, the attempt to answer that question is practically a more popular sport than football.

“America’s Team—10 Reasons Why Dallas-Fort Worth is Better Than Houston,” a Dallas radio station proclaimed in December 2012.

Days later, a Houston radio station fired back with this: “Houston vs. Dallas: 10 Reasons We’re Better Than Your City in Every Way.”

With this infographic, we don’t think we’ll entirely put the Dallas vs. Houston rivalry to rest. Actually, we might actually add fuel to the big-city fire. Here, for your consideration, is how Texas’ two biggest metropolises fared when comparing 23 factors—from employment to excitement.

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dallas vs. houston infographic

  • San An-tony-o

    Everybody knows San Antonio is the best big city in Texas. GO SPURS!

    • James Reed

      lol.. san antonio doesn’t even come close..sorry! You guys are behind Dallas, Houston, Austin and even Fort Worth (only cause it’s the other part of DFW metroplex)

  • azizgilani


  • wessin1969

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  • flovesee .

    I just have to say this is a great website. What a time saver!

  • Eddie

    Still to close. Both cities are pretty much equal realistically. Homers will always say otherwise.

  • jz

    I think you scored the last ? in round 1 wrong. shouldn’t you prefer the lower rank fr high rent burden? unless rent burden is considered a good thing. or the rank was labeled poorly.

    Also, this makes no consideration for weighting any of these, including the magnitude of difference. For instance, I think the difference of 5 vs 18 in recession recovery is much more significant than 7vs8 in economy.

    But the author is being deceptive because he knows really whats up and lives in Austin.

  • Kim

    Houston us better than Dallas because:
    1. Houston is more diverse in ethnic and religious backgrounds.
    2. Houston is greener with more parks and forests.
    3. Houston has access to beaches.
    4. Houston has access to vacation cruiseline ships.
    5. Houston is less hotter in summers (though more humid).
    6, Houston is far less cold in winters.
    7. Houston has more of international community.
    8. Houston has a port (busiest in the US).
    9. Houston has many countries consulates.
    10. Houston has more restaurants and better variety of foods.
    11. Houston has better museums.
    12. Houston has a much better arts and entertainment scene.
    13. Houston has better schools such as Rice University, etc.
    14. Houston has a much better Medical Center (hospitals, research, medical schools, etc).
    15. Houston is closer to San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and New Orleans.
    16. Houston economy is strong and diverse, with more company headquarters.
    17. Houston is the energy capital of the world.
    18. NASA is in Houston.
    19. Houston has better gardening options with very rare near freezing temps.

    • Marshall L. Smith III

      There is no comparison, H-Town…and Houston has Beyoncé and the Menil family (the first family of Modern Art!!)! As an academic who is an Ivy-League educated in training, Rice trumps SMU as a Southern Ivy! Dallas, bow down bit*&#$@s! Chopped and Screwed……life. 😉

  • William Brewer

    Lol who ranked Houston the “Coolest” city in America? gtfo