ACE Team at SpareFoot

It wouldn’t be a stretch, and actually would be pretty appropriate, to proclaim Chris Garrett as a customer service superhero.

Garrett, a full-time member of SpareFoot’s Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team and a part-time comic-book creator, recently won an in-house contest to recognize the delivery of an amazing customer experience. SpareFoot judges reviewed phone calls from storage-seeking customers that were answered by ACE Team members. A call taken by Garrett (at left in top picture with SpareFoot’s Josh Lipton) was declared the winner.

To honor Garrett’s victory in the WOW FACTOR (“We Obsessively Want For All Customers To (Get) Outstanding Recognition”) contest, ACE colleagues threw a superhero-themed party for him July 24.

In the call handled by Garrett, a man in Toledo, OH, was searching for a 10×10 unit to store belongings from a one-bedroom apartment. The man needed the storage unit for at least six months in conjunction with caring for his cancer-stricken mother. Employing a mix of empathy, knowledge and humor, Garrett found a $70-a-month unit for his customer.

ACE Team at SpareFoot

Chris Garrett (right) with SpareFeet Robert Boler (left) and Jacob Jenkinson.

“Chris has an incredible ability to engage his customers in genuine conversation on his calls,” said Storie Teague, a leader on the ACE Team.

“Most people would agree that calling your typical customer service center is more like a painful chore than anything else. The life experiences that require hunting for storage can typically be a really stressful time, but Chris is present, in the moment, and legitimately cares about helping his customers through this,” Teague added. “His lighthearted nature, his effervescent personality, and his ability to stay positive on each and every call are what makes him stand out as a person and as an ACE member.”

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Members of ACE’s WOW Team—Gertrude Henegar, Andrew Keahey, Anil Manley, Andrea Minteer and Helen Sandel—sifted through all of the calls submitted for the contest. Each ACE member was asked to submit three of his or her best customer service calls. The WOW Team whittled down the list of contenders, and team leaders Josh Lipton and Pat Jackson made the final choice.

In Garrett’s case, the customer started out sounding a little agitated. But Garrett communicated how he could help find a storage unit and wound up winning over the customer—and securing a reservation.

ACE Team at SpareFoot

Members of the ACE Team ham it up at the party for Chris Garrett.

“The customer got off the phone feeling like he had a buddy he trusted to hook him up with the best storage option,” Henegar said.

Garrett’s colleagues say they were especially impressed by his performance because he’s been on the ACE Team for less than three months. Before coming to SpareFoot, Garrett worked in customer service roles at places like and Blizzard Entertainment. At SpareFoot, Garrett has spoken with self-storage customers from all walks of life.

“There’s a lot of tragic reasons people need storage, and I’ve really learned to empathize with them and do my best to make a crummy situation just a little bit easier,” Garrett said. “Regardless of why you’re moving, moving things is never fun, so being able to remove some of that stress and do it in a way that puts their mind to ease is something I’ve really been able to do at SpareFoot.”

Want to check out Chris Garrett’s two comic-book series, “Turbulence” and “Defects”? Head over to

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