Welcome back to the self-storage blog reality series that will change the game forever. From the people who didn’t bring you Storage Wars or Auction Hunters comes a new mixed-media series, chronicling the adventures of 18 Internet start-up nerds on a quest to master their own product. It works like this: Duos of SpareFoot employees move a pile of weird, disturbing and occasionally hazardous items from one storage facility to the next around Austin. Each team adds their own stuff to the pile along the way, and everyone gets to experience self-storage and figure out how our site can make storage easier for future customers. Boom.

Team 2: Brett (Account Manager) and Sam (Former VP of Products)

Bram are tasked with following supergroup Chario in their storage adventure, which Brett seems to take pretty seriously. His primary goal is to become BFF with partner Sam, who has since amicably left SpareFoot— we assumed for reasons unrelated to the Bram adventure, but perhaps that shouldn’t be ruled out.

After quickly tackling loads of paperwork at the next facility, Sam heads back to Public Storage to claim Chario’s toilets. Brett drives up meet him there, panicking the whole way about how he’ll start a friendship-inducing conversation with Sam. The sight of Sam wheeling the toilets on a dolly is his first view of what lies within the first unit.

The boys have compiled their own creative mix of new items to expand the pile. Brett grabbed a few leftover half-empty wine bottles from around his house, some empty rolls of toilet paper and his life-sized stuffed friend Funshine Bear, the sunny yellow Care Bear dressed in full superhero garb. Sam somewhat mysteriously contributes a rough-looking wood packing palette, laden with splinters and potentially tetanus-carrying rusty nails.

Upon their arrival at the next facility, Bram encounters a disturbing elevator equipped with a warning sign mockingly typed in Comic Sans: CAUTION: ENTRAPMENT MAY OCCUR.

“There was a sense of danger,” Brett said.

“I thought there was a sense of danger in just being in an elevator with Brett,” Sam said.

Despite three long, terrifying rides up and down the elevator and Brett’s questionable struggles with wheeling a dolly and plugging the gate code into the keypad, Bram’s actual moving and storage process goes down quickly and smoothly.

“I was a little focused on execution,” Sam said. “I was thinking, if I have to come back here and do this on the weekend with my kids in tow, it’s gonna suck. Let’s nail it.”

This attitude leaves Brett insecure with what he fears is a disconcerting lack of male bonding.

“I’m still digesting how I felt about the situation, relationship-wise,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, Sam is happy enough just people-watching the steady stream of sketchy characters coming and going at the storage facility.

Brett’s advice to future renters is to treat your own storage adventure like a real experience, like a trip. Go in trying to find something to get out of it, and put a positive spin on the situation so you’re not focused on the obvious annoyances involved, he suggested.

“There’s a story behind what’s in there now. There’s definitely an end to the story,” Brett said. “The beginning and middle is kind of up to your imagination.”

…Whatever that means. We will be back every Monday at 6 p.m. CST with new episodes of Adventures In Storage. Find out what happens next week when Sara and Tri take things to the next level with their additions to the growing pile. Stay tuned and tell all your friends. Tweet us what you think @SpareFoot with hashtag #adventuresinstorage.


Shout-out to our friend Kim on Twitter (@storage_girl) for correctly guessing that one of the items in our storage unit is, in fact, a toilet. She won $100, and so can you. We have one more VISA gift card to give away to anyone who guesses another mystery item. And we’ll give you a hint: The only thing Dr. Jones fears. Good luck!


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