Tenant Connect FAQ

Ten minutes after someone reserves one of your units on SpareFoot, the Tenant Connect system will call your facility. The caller ID will show SpareFoot’s toll-free support number, 855-427-8193. Whoever answers the phone will hear the reservation details and the following options:

If you’d like to be connected to this tenant right now, press 1.
If you’d like us to call you back in 10 minutes to connect with this tenant, press 2.
If you’ve already tried to contact this tenant, press 3.
If you’ll call this tenant at a later time, press 4.
If you’d like to have the tenant’s name and these options repeated, press 5.

  1. What happens if a reservation is made when my facility is closed?
    • Based on the office hours you have listed for your facility in MySpareFoot, we won’t trigger a Tenant Connect call when you’re closed. Instead, we’ll queue the call to be made the next time your facility is open.
  2. What number will be called?
    • We’ll call the number you have associated with the facility in your MySpareFoot account. If you’d like the call to go a different number, you can change it by clicking the facility name and editing its details in MySpareFoot.
  3. When I press 1 to be connected to the customer, what will the customer see on his or her caller ID?
    • The customer will see the phone number we have on record for your facility (see #2).
  4. What if multiple tenants make reservations within 10 minutes?
    • We’ll space out the second and any following calls by an additional 10 minutes. This lengthens the follow-up time by a bit, but you won’t have to worry about getting inundated with calls.
  5. What if my manager has already followed up?
    • When your manager answers the Tenant Connect call, he or she can press 3 from the automated menu to tell us that the follow-up already has been done.
  6. What happens if nobody picks up the phone when Tenant Connect calls my facility during business hours?
    • We’ll call you back every 10 minutes.
  7. I have an idea for how to improve Tenant Connect.
    • We want your feedback! Email support@sparefoot.com any time, and look out for the survey we’ll send out after a month or two of usage.

Tenant Connect Reports gives you a complete view of the follow-up call process, from the moment the customer makes a reservation to when Tenant Connect calls your facility to connect you to the customer. Here’s what each column shows:

  • Call Attempts: How many times new customer reservations came into the facility, triggering a Tenant Connect call.
  • Facility Answered: How many times the facility picked up the phone.
  • Facility Responded to Call Prompts: How many times the facility picked up the phone and engaged with our call prompts by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Connect to Tenant: How many times the facility pressed 1 on a call prompt to connect.