Vote for SpareFoot’s Best of Albuquerque


Vote for the best of the best in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There are a lot of great things about Albuquerque: an idiosyncratic local cuisine that combines European, Native American, and Mexican influences; hip local bars and edgy music venues catering to the college crowd; eclectic art venues and museums; and of course, gorgeous desert vistas just outside of town. But which restaurant serves the best expression of New Mexican cuisine? Which bar is most hip, which art venue most eclectic? Where can one go to experience the best hike, or catch the supreme view of Albuquerque’s renowned sunsets? We need your help to decide.

So Burqueños, let us know below. Vote for the Best of Albuquerque in the following categories: Best Green Chile Burger, Best Brewery, Best New Mexico Chile, Best Indian Fry Bread, Best Pizza, Best Margarita, Best New Mexican Restaurant, Best Sopapillas, Best Bar, Best Museum/Arts Venue, Best Event, Best Location to Relive Breaking Bad, Best Live Music Venue, Best Food Truck, Best Place to Watch the Sunset, and Best Hiking Spot. Don’t forget to share on social media, and get out the vote!

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