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Baltimore, MD Self Storage Facilities Near 21261

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No facilities in Baltimore with facilities near 21261 were found.
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Baltimore Storage: At a glance

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Baltimore Storage Data

Self-storage gets interesting.

We've scoured the corners of the world to unearth the most mind-blowing facts about Baltimore self-storage. Check them out below, and prepare to be amazed.

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Larger cities tend to house more fast-moving people, so there’s a sense of "want/need-it-now" in some areas. But when you're talking about organizing, remember that it's not a quick fix.

Mary Cate Claudias

Mary Cate Claudias

Mary Cate is a professional organizer at Charm City Organizers

Baltimore Self Storage Seasonality: Percentage of Yearly Rentals by Month

Demand for self-storage in Baltimore is highest in May, when 13% of all units are rented.

How many 10x20 storage units would fit into the Baltimore Convention Center?

6,125 × Storage unit

With 1,225,000 square feet of available space, you could fit an incredible 6,125 10x20 self-storage units into the Baltimore Convention Center.

How many 10x15 storage units would you need to store the Baltimore Aquarium?

Storage unit frame

196 × Storage unit

You'd need approximately 196 10x15 self-storage units to store the Baltimore Aquarium. At an average price of $136, you'd be paying about $26,656 a month in rent.

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I think people in general crave organization. Of course, there are some exceptions, but people like to be organized and often feel frustrated when they’re unable to achieve that.

Jacquie Ross

Jacquie Ross

Jacquie is a professional organizer at CastAway the Clutter!

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Baltimore ranks 605th nationally for self-storage space per capita.

There's an estimated 1.89 square feet of storage space for every person in Baltimore.

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If one chooses to live in the city, many places may have tiny closets and kitchens, but occasionally you can find a rehabbed property with more generous storage.

Cindy Bernstein

Cindy Bernstein

Cindy is a professional organizer at Aim 4 Order.

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