10 Best Professional Organizers in Austin

Kristin Sheppard
May 23, 2016
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Moving can be exciting, filled with all the hope and optimism that change can bring; Fresh paint on the walls, a new space to decorate, maybe even a chance to buy new furniture. But it’s also hard. Sorting through all your belongings can be emotionally taxing, not to mention physically exhausting. No wonder moving is near the top of the list of life’s biggest stressors.

Packing can be a drag, especially if organization is not your strong suit. Combing though all your personal property is time consuming and if you haven’t done it in a while you’d be surprised how much stuff you have. Evaluating what to take, what to donate, and what to trash or recycle is the work that happens during packing, but what about when you unpack? Will you swiftly empty your numerous boxes, perfectly placing each item in the most accessible location, perfectly organizing as you go along?

If you’re like most people, you will unpack the essentials first, placing many things in temporary spots with the best intentions to organize later. Those temporary locations often become permanent, leaving your life in a less-than-ideal state of being, simply for the lack of time or energy to set things right.

Enter The Professional Organizer. Seeking the help of an objective person who can evaluate your life, surroundings, and belongs, can have a huge impact. They’ll help you pack, unpack, throw things away, and find the perfect place for each of your treasured items. Austin has an impressive group of professional organizers, and here are ten we recommend:

Randi Lyman

Working with clients who struggle with chronic disorganization, Randi has helped her clients permanently transform their environments. A Helping Hand is committed to serving clients in a confidential, non-judgmental way, with kindness, compassion and respect for them and their belongings.


yvetteclayYvette Clay

Her gift for transforming chaos into tranquility is what led Yvette Clay to join Living Order, which she now co-owns. With professional organization in both the legal and tech realms in her past, her methodology of streamlining is efficient and skilled. She is also a consultant and online contributor to the widely popular The Clutter Diet, which has helped thousand of people all over the world.

morgancollardMorgan Collard

As someone who also does interior design and home staging, Morgan Collard’s L’ements provides an eye for aesthetics and function. The harmony between livability and attractiveness can be hard to achieve, and that’s where Morgan’s expertise really comes in handy. Her belief is that well designed environments allow for optimum performance and well being personally and professionally.


litadanielLita Daniel

Lita Daniel specializes in getting organized and then staying organized. She started Regain Your Space to help people enjoy their lives in their homes, restoring peace to chaotic environments. Her clients take pride in having warm, welcoming spaces to show off after working with Lita. Her “start small” philosophy keeps people from being overwhelmed.


barryiszakBarry Izsak

Barry Izsak is the founder of Arranging it All and author of Organize Your Garage in No Time and Exploring Productivity. With 20 years in the business, he is a well-known organizing expert that gives workshops, presentations, and advice to thousands of people. He addresses time management, organizational strategy, and even email clutter, providing a broad approach to total life structuring.


in conjunction with the Kick Butt Business Bootcamp by Lisa Montanaro

Jennifer Lava

Creative people aren’t necessarily known for being organized. In fact, clutter comes with the territory more often than not as books, art supplies, and ephemera are often part of the package. Jennifer Lava knows that organizing a space in a way that doesn’t hamper uniqueness or imagination is important to the individuals who make a living from creative endeavors. She knows that artsy doesn’t have to mean messy.


catharinemurphyCatharine Murphy

Letting go can be difficult, so Catharine’s approach is understanding, patient, and non-judgmental. She acts as a coach and supporter, helping clients to set up routines to stay organized and gain better control of their environments. Leslie has a repository of articles and tips on her website Passion for Order and provides solutions for business clients as well as residential.


Leslie Byer RosnerLeslie Byer Rosner

Creating good flow is what Found Space Organizing is all about. Leslie evaluates how clients complete tasks or utilize their space, addresses their goals, and identifies all potential obstacles. Then she helps arrange their space around the functions they need, building in solutions to the everyday problems that get in the way. Her creative uses of inexpensive tools (like binder clips!) are impactful.


jamiesteeleJamie Steele

Steele Organizing was created out of Jamie’s natural ability to develop efficient systems and work as a true problem solver. She knows that each person’s organizational needs are unique and she specializes in creating customized designs to suit every client’s needs. Where many try and fail to get organized because they cannot adapt to a new system, Jamie will tailor a system to work for you.


jessietiltonJessie Tilton

A self-described reformed slob, Jessie knows what it’s like to be on the messy side of the table. Her understanding of how messes start gives her insight into how to prevent them in the future, which is half the battle. Clients who utilize The Fix enjoy the feeling of “conquering the chaos.” Watch her pantry makeover video to see her in action.

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