10 Best Professional Organizers in Denver

Davina van Buren
July 25, 2016
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Moving was the hard part. Now, it’s time to get unpacked and settled in your new abode. With the help of these outstanding professional organizers in the Mile High City, you’ll be running at top efficiency in no time.

angeleennewbergAngeleen Newberg, HandyGirl Concierge, Inc.

Angeleen Newberg started HandyGirl Concierge in 2011. She specializes in helping people who are as busy as a CEO, but can’t afford a full-time assistant. She works with people from all walks of life, from busy working professionals to stay-at-home moms. 

Angeleen believes that disorder in the physical areas of your life can create disorder on the inside, manifesting stress, frustration and anxiety. Ridding yourself of the chaos in your closet or home office might seem like a small task, but it’s amazing what clearing these spaces can do for the psyche. Angeleen’s goal is to create a space that is not just functional, but a source of joy for the person who uses it every day.

quinndonovanQuinn Donovan, Think. Be Organized.

Quinn Donovan has a passion for helping people get organized in order to relieve the stress that clutter can cause. She describes herself as a nonjudgmental person and strives to help her clients find the root of their disorganization–then help to eliminate it once and for all.

At Think – Be Organized, Quinn helps clients sort through their belongings, get rid of clutter, and establish an efficient system that will work for them and their family. She also provides moving assistance (packing, unpacking and organizing at your new home) and an estate sale service, going through your belongings and determining what should and should not be sold. She teaches her clients how to improve daily productivity and find a better balance within the home.

JulieGutmanJulie Gutman, Simplify Me, LLC

Julie Gutman has a plaque in her home that reads “Simplify.” Whenever life gets stressful, she looks at the plaque and remembers: if your surroundings are organized, you can focus more easily on the important things in life.

Julie discovered at an early age that the way to de-stress is to de-clutter. This led to the realization that if organizing helps relieve stress in her own life, that it can do the same for others, and Simplify Me was born. Simplify Me offers organizing assistance for homes and offices, de-cluttering services before a move, and unpack/put away service after a move.

majormomMajor Mom

Major Mom is a woman-owned, veteran-owned professional organizing company that is headquartered in Denver. Their “Liberators” are passionate about creating residential and home office organizing solutions for busy families.

The secret weapon to creating and maintaining peaceful spaces is their Major Mom Method, which has restored order to more than 1,000 households since 2006. The team can help you set up customized, sustainable organizing systems for your home, office or car. From merging households to organizing your digital photo albums, no job is too small or difficult for Major Mom.

kateenglebrachtKate Englebrecht, Call Kate

One day, back in 2005, Kate Englebrecht sat on her couch in her Denver apartment, daydreaming of a job that offered more creativity and freedom. At that very moment, a friend called and told her about a new trend happening in New York City: personal concierges. A light bulb went off and she decided to go for it. She started Call Kate shortly after.  

Kate compares her passion for organization and being a personal assistant to a painter with a blank canvas or a clothing designer with a piece of fabric: she transforms a space. Kate tells her clients to stop judging themselves about their clutter. No one is perfect, and in order to get the ball rolling you sometimes have to ask for help. If you’d rather be doing anything than working on yet another to-do list, Kate is your gal.

cindyrogersCindy Roger, All Things Organized

Cindy Roger uses her intuition and unique organizational skills to help her clients create custom solutions that help reduce the stress in their lives. She often gives her clients short phrases and acronyms that help them stay organized. In addition, she provides concierge and personal assistance services such as running errands, creating a budget, referring and coordinating vendors, scheduling appointments and sending reminders.

At All Things Organized, Cindy helps individuals and small business owners become better organized and more productive by creating systems, processes and policies that help them run their households and businesses in a more efficient way.

alloperryAllo Perry, NEAT Method Denver

Allo Perry is NEAT Method’s licensed Denver home organizer. She is an avid athlete and competitor who enjoys skiing, biking, golf, tennis and water skiing. That competitive spirit comes in handy when it’s her against a mountain of clutter!

Allo can help get your home, office or other space organized so you can operate at top efficiency, leaving room for the fun things that really matter. She doesn’t shy away from shopping, which makes her a master of closet organization. Allo prefers the lake to the beach (good thing since Colorado is landlocked, with plenty of alpine lakes) and considers herself addicted to kombucha.

brendabrooksBrenda Brooks, Beyond Basics Organizing

Organizing isn’t a “one size fits all” process. Brenda Brooks knows that getting to know people for the unique individuals they are is the only way to find long-term organizational solutions. Brenda believes that when you feel good about the space that you live or work in, it is easier to feel good about life in general.

Her specialty at Beyond Basics Organizing is paperwork and computer files–an area where many people struggle, especially entrepreneurs, freelancers, and sole proprietors. She also offers residential and commercial organizing–from pantries and closets to basement and attics–packing/unpacking services and new home or office configuration.

KarenWilliams_PeacefulSpacesKaren Williams, Peaceful Spaces

With a natural ability for creating organizing systems and a sincere desire to help others take control of their environments, Karen excels in bringing calm and order to her clients’ homes through her business, Peaceful Spaces. Her philosophy is to seek peace, not perfection.

Karen listens carefully to your needs, concerns, and frustrations; then assists in establishing routines and habits that simplify and enhance your quality of life. Karen works collaboratively with you to create systems that fit the needs of your home, office, schedule, aesthetic, and lifestyle. 

jenhelme-redmondJen Helme-Redmond

Jen Helme-Redmond of Sparkling Spruce Ups is a self-admitted perfectionist. Her goal when tackling a new space is to organize it in a way that’s easy to maintain, so that when she leaves, the client can keep their home organized on their own. She prides herself on listening to the specific needs and wants of her clients, then putting them into place in an organized and practical way.

Jen not only desires to create a functional, clean living space, but to also make it a space where her clients feel comfortable and at home.  She strives to always meet–and then exceed–her clients’ expectations.