How Dog-Friendly is Las Vegas, Really?

Paula Pant
July 13, 2017
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Tourists may regard Las Vegas for its nightlife, but locals see a different side of Sin City: this oasis is a great place to care for dogs.

Dogs occupy more than 6 out of 10 households in Las Vegas, according to, which ranks Vegas number three on its list of top ten dog-friendly cities in the nation.

Las Vegas features more pet businesses per capita than any other city nationwide, according to WalletHub, which also ranks Vegas as one of the 10 most pet-friendly cities in the U.S. They also ranked the city in the top five nationwide for most dog parks per capita.

Pet-supply businesses, veterinary access and dog parks are critical to fostering a dog-friendly environment, but Las Vegas doesn’t stop there. Here are three unique factors that make Las Vegas such a dog-friendly city.

Luxury Splurges

Vegas residents love to splurge on their pets: the city ranks seventh among most pampered pet cities in the U.S., based on sales of pet-related items such as dog toys on

But locals don’t stop at buying toys online. Las Vegas, a city that has never been shy about excess, is home to jaw-dropping luxury doggie daycare and boarding facilities.

Luxe Pet Hotels, for example, features amenities for dogs that include an indoor obstacle course, an outdoor pool cabana area, freshly-made food, soothing music, king-sized memory foam beds, 42-inch TVs, massages, a spa and a gym. Located near the Strip, this exclusive pet hotel accepts dogs for both daycare and overnight stays.

Socializing Opportunities

Located in the heart of downtown Vegas, The Hydrant Club is a sight to behold. Anchored by a two-story-tall replica of a yellow fire hydrant, this exclusive gated doggy community is an 8,500-square foot outdoor off-leash social club where dogs and their guardians can mingle.

The club features a lush green lawn, abundant water fountains, shade trees and splash pads for dogs. Just as importantly, the club emphasizes camaraderie among owners. The club features plenty of boulder and bench seating, a well-curated retail shop, and hosts a speaker series in which people can learn from dog-rearing experts such as nutritionists, veterinarians and authors.

Barx Parx is an indoor play park for dogs and their people. The concept is a mash-up of a sports bar and dog park creating an exciting area for owners and dogs to interact together. With a selection of craft beer supplied by local breweries and high definition televisions, you and your dog are just asking to have a good time.

Barx Parx focuses its efforts on supporting local animal charities, owner education, encouraging responsible dog ownership and offers a full calendar of meetups and interactive special events to keep members engaged, educated, entertained and excited to spend time with their four-legged friends.

Meanwhile, suburban neighborhood dog parks such as Centennial Hills Dog Park, Desert Breeze Dog Park and Barkin Basin (at Wade Bunker Park) give suburban-dwellers a convenient, off-leash area where their pets can play freely.

Dog-Friendly Buildings

Concerned that urban dwellings – such as apartments and condominiums — won’t be pet-friendly? Don’t worry.

Most of the city’s high-rises celebrate their canine residents, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

One Las Vegas, an upscale condominium complex located just south of the Strip, hosts a Halloween doggy parade through its lobby. The Ogden, a luxury high-rise located near the Hydrant Club, features an enclosed dog run on-site. And high-rises including Panorama Towers, Turnberry Towers, Allure Las Vegas and The Martin all feature on-site dog parks.

What’s Missing?

Of course, it’s not all tail wagging. While WalletHub ranked Las Vegas highly in the categories of “pet budget” (affordability) and “pet health and wellness” (access to veterinary care and supplies), it ranked Vegas low on the list of outdoor pet-friendliness.

Despite the city’s abundance of dog parks, the scorching summer heat can be dangerous to dogs. Many local residents put ‘doggy shoes’ on their pets to protect their paw pads from searing on the hot sidewalks. And dogs should never be left alone in a vehicle, even on cloudy days.

That said, Vegas is an overall excellent place for canine companionship – and it seems to be growing more dog-friendly every year.


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