10 Reasons People Move to San Antonio

Pamela Price
July 28, 2017
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There are plenty of great things to see and do in the Alamo City, hence our reputation as a tourism and conference hotspot. Last year Travel + Leisure named us the “friendliest city in America,” which explains part of our charm, too.

But what really motivates people to make the move? Here are the most common reasons people cite for moving to San Antonio.

1. Jobs

With major employers like USAA, Rackspace, and Valero headquartered in San Antonio—not to mention a strong presence in the manufacturing, bioscience, renewable energy and higher education fields, our job market is strong. In fact our unemployment rate of 3.7%  is one of the many reasons why our city lands among USA Today’s top places to live.

2. Military Service

It’s no secret that San Antonio is big with the U.S. Department of Defense. Our other nickname is “Military City, U.S.A.,” after all, and everyone from new recruits to seasoned officers find themselves—and their families—welcome. In fact, so many military folks like it here that they often return upon retirement (see below).

3. Cost of Living

According to Numbeo, San Antonio’s cost of living for 2017 is 36.06% less than New York. While our public transportation system leaves a lot to be desired—and makes a car necessary in our sprawling community, that cost is offset in part by our affordable housing. Beware of local property taxes, though.  The State of Texas famously charges neither income nor property taxes, but local governments statewide do charge property taxes. Used to fund public schools, streets, fire protection, police, and other essential community services, these taxes are based on a homes value and will go up as your house appreciates.  New homeowners who don’t factor it into their budgets often get surprised when the first bill arrives.

4. Good Day, Sunshine

Just by driving through town you can tell that our landscape is diverse, from the big, wide trees near Brackenridge Park to the arid, rocky terrain on the far north side. The one constant is the sunshine, with the city averaging 220 sunny days per year and no snow.

5. Retirement

Between former military folks who want to return to the city and non-military people who enjoy the sunny weather and low taxes, our retirement community is robust. Access to good healthcare options, including the University of Texas Health Science Center and several local hospital systems, add to the appeal.

6. A Family Friendly Community

With a variety of education options ranging from public, private and charter schools to homeschooling, San Antonio residents have the freedom to make the best education choices for their families. Green spaces, amusement parks, and incredible museums like the newly renovated Witte and the DoSeum provide fun for all ages

7. A Young Professionals Scene

With an increasingly hip urban core, a low cost of living, and a job market friendly to local graduates, San Antonio is a rising star among the young singles and newly married couples.

8. Cultural Vibrancy

For three centuries people from around the globe have arrived to make Central Texas their home. That ever-evolving mix of cultures and languages coupled with our natural environment make for an attractive place to live, work, and play.

9. Location, location, location

Located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas Hill Country with easy access to Mexico, San Antonio is equal parts cosmopolitan and down home. Whether you’re ready to jet out of the airport, want some beach time on Padre Island, eager to tube down the Guadalupe, or in need of a good hike at Enchanted Rock, there’s no shortage of weekend getaway options.

10. An Array of Housing Options

From downtown lofts to suburban McMansions—and everything (literally) in between, our neighborhoods options are eclectic. If you’re thinking of moving, then be sure to check out handy guide to the 10 Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio.

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