10 Best Professional Organizers in Atlanta

It’s no secret that moving can be stress-filled. But, after you’ve found your dream home in a new city or neighborhood, there are plenty of ways to make the actual moving process easier. With the help of one of these top-notch professional organizers in Atlanta, you’ll be well on your way to settling in for a new life in the capital of the New South.

wendyellinWendy Ellin

Wendy Ellin has quite literally written the book on staying organized. She’s the author of the book Enough is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff. While she also helps business stay on track, she helps residential clients master excess clutter and specializes in helping clients unpack and set up their new spaces in an efficient way that works for them. Her top tip for someone moving? “Get rid of what you know is not staying in your life BEFORE you move.  You only want to take what you NEED and LOVE, get rid of everything else. It’s the “likes” that get us in trouble – because we LIKE EVERYTHING,” Wendy says. “When you take that out of the equation, and only keep what you NEED and LOVE, you will be amazed at how good you feel about what you are taking with you on your next adventure.”

scottjohnsonScott Johnson, Your Move Simplified

Whether you need unpacking services, help organizing or someone to facilitate decluttering, Scott Johnson of Your Move Simplified might be your guy. His team specializes in all aspects of moving – whether it’s just across the street or across the country. Want to learn more? They offer a free e-guide, called Eliminate Chaos, Stress, and Overwhelm, the Your Move Simplified, for download.

kateswensonKate Swenson, Order By Kate

Order By Kate’s founder and CEO Kate Swenson specializes fully in home organization, preparing homes for market and making moving simpler by unpacking client’s homes with order and ease. She leads a team of consultants who service the Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Milton areas, with the end goal of simplifying lives. Her number one recommendation for staying organized while moving? “When moving, only keep and pack items you need and items you LOVE. Get rid of the rest,” she says. “By decluttering before your move, you will save time and money and you will gain a sense of happiness and peace when you unpack because you LOVE everything you have in your new home.”

Cassandra Clarkson, Sorted

For Sorted’s Cassandra Clarkson, moving is still fresh in her mind, as she herself relocated to home to Atlanta in 2015. She understands that “It’s easy to go into someone’s home and make it look neat,” she says. “It’s much harder is to understand how that person utilizes the specific space and create a system of organization that lasts for long term. Sorted takes into account who is using the space (yourself, kids, nannies, personal assistants) and what they use the most and the least to create an organized space that functions effectively and efficiently.” She serves the metro area – from Douglasville to Marietta and just about everything in between.

laurarayLaura Ray, Organize Atlanta

Laura Ray specializes in organizing just about every area of her clients’ lives – from the home to the home office to the business. In fact, she will even help you organize your digital life (read: email!). The Marietta-based professional works all around Atlanta and is President of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Georgia Chapter for a second term this year. Laura is an advocate of creating a dedicated place for things and for minimizing paper clutter. Plus, she blogs actively on her website and shares lots of her best tips with readers.

carriepeeplesCarrie Peeples, Neatsmart

Carrie Peeples of Neatsmart helps clients whip their new homes into shape – or give their cluttered space a makeover. Based in Marietta, she regularly works in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Kennesaw and much more. Ready to get your paperwork in order? Carrie offers a free downloadable timeline of how long to keep bank statements, medical bills, receipts and more – all prime suspects of clutter.

maryeltompterMaryel Tomter, The Renaissance Team

Maryel Tomter began her career in restaurants and retail, so she has a strong sense of making things flow, regardless of where she’s working. She gets rave reviews from her clients, many of whom come to her by referral. Though she started working with business owners, she now regularly helps families with decluttering and organizing their homes, preparing houses for market for sale and orchestrating moves into new homes. “While I will tackle any room, the kitchen and closets are where I really like to put my personal touches,” she says. “Plus I believe this is where a client can really see an impact of my work when they walk into a room.”

amandamartinAmanda Martin, Organize Thiz

Staying organized is just as important as getting organized, and Amanda Martin of Gwinnett-based Organize Thiz is there to help clients stay on track. She has clients all over the metro and often works with them to make sure a move into a new space kicks off a new era of organization. One of her favorite tips for homeowners moving or relocating? “Create a fine-tuned filing system for personal paper management,” she says. “I have created the AAA filing system, which teaches my clients to create active files, annual files, and archive files. This simplifies everyday filing and overall personal paper management.”

karenleffKaren Leff, Leff’s Last Re-Sort Organizing

Karen Leff, at the helm of Leff’s Last Re-Sort, specializes in residential and small business organizing, with a focus on functionality and creating a custom system to help each client achieve their goals. As a former news reporter in Atlanta, she’s used to sorting through volumes of information and “stuff” and making sense and order of it. “Now,  as an organizer, I can help people sort through years of accumulated ‘things’ and guide them in deciding what is important and what should be let go,” Karen says. She’s been offering organization and professional assistance since 2007 and serves the Midtown, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Emory, Brookhaven and Chamblee areas.

Teresa Taylor, Chaos 2 Comfort

For Teresa Taylor of Chaos 2 Comfort, her company name says it all. She specializes in taking chaos (or mess, moving, clutter) and creating comfortable, useful orderly spaces. She guides clients through events that have the potential to be stressful – merging households, downsizing into a senior’s community, adding a new child and buying or selling a home.

Jennifer Bradley Franklin