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Well, you’re in good company. As the fastest growing city in the country, Austin has an average of 157 new people arriving every day. Famous for its sunny weather and laid-back vibe, Austin is a popular destination for visitors. And many like it so much that they never leave. The saying I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could rings true!

Where to Live in Austin: Urban vs. Suburban

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Living in Austin

As the city’s occupancy continues to rise, so does the cost of living. Rent prices have shot up and the housing market is very competitive. In fact, for the last five years straight, home sales have set a record. The good news is that Austin is building as fast as it can to make room for all its new inhabitants. For better or worse, the major construction has become a fact of life for city-dwellers.


If there’s one thing that unifies the people of Austin, it’s complaining about traffic. The rate of growth has become a strain on the city’s infrastructure. Rush hour commutes can be tedious and the major highways can be gridlocked at random times of day or night. But the city is making progress with expanded bus lines and a light rail for those who live in the suburbs. Those who prefer to ride their bicycles have dedicated bike lanes all over the city.


Texas ranks as one of the hottest states in the US, so Austin can experience extreme temperatures in the summer months. But 100+ days don’t stop people from swimming, sipping margaritas, and finding other ways to keep cool. And the rest of the year is pleasantly warm, enabling people to enjoy outdoor activities to their heart’s content.

Summer average (June – Aug): 95 F high, 74 F low
Winter average (Dec – Feb): 63 F high, 43 F low


Austin’s tech sector is an important piece of its economy, which is also bolstered by retail, real estate, government, and labor. Recent growth in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies has put the city on the map for those sectors as well. Job creation grows at a steady rate, with most new opportunities being business related.

Major employers include Whole Foods, Keller Williams Realty, EZCorp, Freescale Semiconductor, Dell, and 3M Corporation.

Unemployment rate: 3.1% (as of December 2015)
Average weekly wages for all industries: $1220 (2015)

Where New Residents of Austin Are Moving From

Soaring home prices, worsening traffic and countless cranes dotting the cityscape are sure signs the city of Austin is growing. In fact, the Texas capital is the country’s third-fastest growing metro area and it’s showing…


Austin boasts miles of open water in the city and surrounding areas, making paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, and waterskiing all popular activities. A large stretch of greenbelt provides hikers and rock climbers an expanse of beautiful hilly forest to explore. Barton Springs Pool, a natural spring-fed pool, is the largest natural swimming pool in an urban area.

The unique geography of the city means the best of all worlds, with coasts, hills, flatlines, and diverse flora and fauna that thrives in each. Austinites love being outside and take pride in the natural beauty of the city. It’s not just people that love the city; 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats make Austin their home each year under bridges and emerge at night to eat insects.


In the last decade or so, Austin has become as famous for its cuisine as its music. Whether your budget allows for fine dining or food trucks, the quality and creativity of the food is impressive. The city is known for outstanding Texas barbecue and tacos. Neither disappoints, nor will the craft cocktail and beer scene. The restaurant selection is as diverse as its residents, so there’s something for everyone: vegans, carnivores, and everyone in between.


Downtown is hopping every weekend with each neighborhood offering a different vibe. Sixth Street alone features three distinct areas, West Sixth (trendy bars for young professionals), East Sixth (laid-back hipsters) and nestled between the two is Dirty Sixth (shot bars). Rainey Street is another bar-laden street with craft beer joints, cozy martini bars, and stylish watering holes that hit the spot for locals and tourists alike


Austin’s culture is a unique one, and the old saying Keep Austin Weird still describes many places. The influx of new residents has brought a new diversity that’s evident in the spirit of the city from the public art to the changing culinary landscape. Austin takes pride in its smart and creative residents and is welcoming to the many new faces (and businesses!) that seek to be a part of the magic.

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