10 Best Professional Organizers in Charlotte

You know the moment. The movers have shut the door behind them on their way out and you’re looking around at what feels like hundreds of boxes that you have no idea where to unpack. Your brand new home is beautiful—now you just need it to be clean and uncluttered.

Enter a professional organizer. From unpacking to organizing to just helping to get things in order, these people are pros at streamlining the process and simplifying your life. They can help you arrange a room, clean out your closet, establish a workspace, and manage your storage. Trained and knowledgeable on the latest products and tips, professional organizers can see past the clutter.

Charlotte has plenty of professional organizers to choose from and a great way to start your search for the right one is with the list from the National Association of Professional Organizers. The list has members around the country and offers details on specialty areas like offices or closets. Also, check out our list of the city’s best below, which was created from personal recommendations and online reviews.

jenniferburnhamJennifer Burnham

Jennifer Burnham is the founder of Pure & Simple Organizing, which focuses on making your life easier—and less complicated—through organizing your home. She begins with an in-home consultation and then creates a plan for tackling your space based on your budget and priorities.

Burnham also specializes in estate liquidation and sales, which means that if you’re downsizing or settling an estate, she’s your best bet for getting you through what can sometimes be a difficult process.

juliebertramJulie Bertram

The Organizing Pro is aptly named for its founder, Julie Bertram. A mother of three with a knack for quickly assessing the needs of clients, Bertram works to create an organized solution that will last.

Her team specializes in decluttering those notoriously messy spots in your home like closets, garages, and attics, and they have a focus on post-move unpacking. Feeling overwhelmed from all those boxes? The Organizing Pro can take care of those so that you get to relax and enjoy those first days in your new home.

alisonbrighamAlison Brigham

Originally from New York, Alison Brigham, the founder and president of Queens of Clutter knows a thing or two about uncluttering and organizing small spaces.

In addition to working on organizing spaces like kid’s rooms, kitchens, pantries, and basements, Brigham enjoys working with clients through their entire move—from cleaning out the old home to setting up in the new one. Brigham even works on furniture repositioning with the intention of creating a space that feels open and inviting.  

suzismithSuzi Smith

After research and classes Suzi Smith officially began as a professional organizer in 2010, but if you ask her, she’s been an organizer her entire life.

Dedicated to helping people be productive without the stress of clutter, Smith launched Suzi’s Organizing Solutions, which offers everything from home office organizing to unpacking services. Her process includes taking inventory, letting go of the excess, designating the appropriate places for items, and, of course, relaxing in a clutter-free home.  

lauriemartinLaurie Martin

Laurie Martin is passionate about effective and efficient organizing. She has been with Simplicity Organizers for ten years and is the team leader, focused on clients having a calm and clean home. Imagine walking in to your new home for the first time and all of your items are already unpacked and arranged. That’s one of the company’s many services.

They also offer organization for your holidays and parties, personal assistant services, and even a 12-month organization program (thing fruit of the month club, but with four hours of dedicated time organizing your home each month).

sherrihopperSherri Hopper

Sherri Hopper is a mom of three (and a grandmother of two) who spent years honing her organizational skills as she managed both her family and her husband’s business.

Hopper and her business partner, Tori Jenkins, are the clean and clutter-free pair behind Control Freaks. The organizing company offers a variety of services including unpacking a home, rearranging furniture, cleaning all organized areas, dropping off donating items, and even putting together those hard-to-assemble items purchased at spots like IKEA or The Container Store.

fiorellasabatoFiorella Sabato

Fiorella Sabato been a member of the organizing team at Pea Organizing Services since 2006 and became the company’s owner and president in 2009. Her focus is on creating an organized space in order to increase your productivity. Sound like something you need? In addition to offering organizational services like packing, closet organizing, and even storage unit organizing, Pea Organizing also offers life management coaching and solutions.

Whether you want help prioritizing your time or merging a household, Sabato and her team can help you work through the process and create ongoing solutions.

adelemahanAdele Mahan

Owner of Fresh Start Transitions, Adele Mahan is focused on helping older adults relocate to a new residence. She’s trained as a home stager, relocation transition specialist, and as someone who can make changes to a space in order to better suit those with physical disabilities.

Her organizing services include closets, kitchens, and unpacking, as well as specialized services like sorting paperwork, hanging photos, and even setting up electronics in your new home.

amywhiddenAmy Whidden

Principal and lead designer of The Chaos Authority, Amy Whidden handles both organizing and space planning. Her focus is on not only cleaning up the spaces, but designing them to meet your day-to-day functional needs with things like the addition of storage and shelving. And when it comes to moving in to a new space, her team helps with both the unpacking and furniture assembly, as well as any updates to the interior in order to make it a more liveable and organized space.

rebeccareidRebecca Reid

The woman behind Streamline Organizing likes to focus on both your internal and external organizing and guide her clients to reaching their full potential. This means that in addition to offering home organizing, moving management, small business organizing, and estate clearing, Reid offers spiritual organizing designed to clear the emotional clutter from your life. This aspect of her business also is useful in her services like post-trauma organizing, transition organizing, and even time management.  

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