All the Reasons You’ll Love Living in Denver

If you’re looking for a city that’s full of fun, food, friends, and favorable opportunities, Denver could be your perfect home. The city is laid back, full of adventure, and ranks in several positive categories.

Whether you’re moving for school, work, or simply to get more out of life, you’re sure to love everything you come across in Denver. Consider the following reasons for packing your bags and building a new life in Denver.

Denver, Colorado is known as the Mile High City because of its impressive position of 5,280 feet above sea level. It comes as no surprise that Denver has a superb view of the Rocky Mountains but the city has plenty of other benefits to offer its visitors and residents.

Denver was ranked #1 in the “Best Places to Live” report from U.S. News & World. The report took several factors into consideration, including Denver’s land value, job market diversity, rate of migration, overall quality of life, and even the legalization and easy access of marijuana, a factor that has encouraged much debate amongst residents and the rest of the nation.

When we dive into these factors a little more, it becomes clear that Denver has something to offer everyone. Don’t fall for the belief that Denver is cold and snowy most of the year. Despite its mountainous surroundings, the opposite is actually true. Denver has an abundant 300 days of sunshine a year with temperatures much higher than surrounding towns, despite its high elevation. While you should pack a winter coat, you might find that you don’t need it nearly as often as you might think.

Take a look at this handy infographic by Denver personal injury firm, Tenge Law to see all the reasons you’ll love living in Denver.