How Dog Friendly is El Paso, Really?

It’s hard not to love dogs. They are an extension of ourselves and will always adore us which is why finding an ideal place for both you and your pet is extremely crucial to a lot of people. We want to make our pets happy as much as they want to please us too.

Although El Paso isn’t as dog friendly as other cities, the city is still currently in the process of changing that for dog lovers. The city has more than a dozen parks that allow dogs to enter its grounds. However, only a small amount allow dogs to roam around freely like Pebble Hills Dog Park, Westside Dog Park, Eastwood Park (Album Park), Bark Park at Kelly Park and McCombs Regional Park in the Northeast.

Gone to the dogs

Not only does El Paso have parks for dogs, the city also has numerous events for dogs. In the summertime, the City Parks and Recreation Department hosted this year’s Dog Day’s Swimming at the Nations Tobin Aquatic Center where all dogs are welcomed to swim.   

If you believe your dog is the most glamorous dog out there then El Pawso’s Pageant is the event for you. The event allows dogs to compete in different categories and win various prizes.

El Paso Chihuahuas’ Bark at the Park allows baseball fans to bring their pet along with them. The park also provides water and volunteers who will care for your pet if you have to step away for a short time.

For Halloween, the Lost El Paso Paranormal hosts a Ghost Tour of Downtown El Paso where your furry pets can join in on the fun. Be sure to bring your pet’s vaccinations and some bags to pick up after your pet.

Dog-friendly watering holes

If you feel the urge to go out but you don’t want to leave your fur baby home then stop by at Gringo Theory. The bar welcomes pets and even provides a bowl of water, free treats and a pet waste station. Keep an eye out for future renovations in honor of fur babies in the upcoming months.

There are plenty of snacks and bowls of water for our canine friends at Sabertooth, the restaurant, and the bar Hope and Anchor. Be sure to ask for some celery and carrots with peanut butter on them for your fur baby. If you don’t have a pet to bring to these locations then don’t pout, go to Hope and Anchor’s Barks and Booze happy hour hosted with the Humane Society of El Paso. Every alcoholic purchase goes toward helping these furry creatures. 

At Prickly Elder, the bar has bingo nights and tea cup parties that allow dogs into their premises. At these tea cup parties, the bar teams up with the Humane Society of El Paso and provides a place where people can adopt while The Barkery provides treats for the animals.

Eclectic treats

Need to feed your sweet tooth addiction and don’t want to wait in a drive thru? Feel free to park your car and head toward these two dessert locations that welcome pets.

At Smallcakes, the cupcakery offers a number of delicious cupcakes and donuts for humans and pupcakes for our best friends. The cupcakery also allows pets into their shop especially during the summertime when temperatures reach up to the three digits.

The Barkery is a fairly new business, one that specializes in creating delectable desserts for the fur babies. Pick up some homemade treats like cheese sticks, carob pupcakes, muffins and donuts for your fur baby along with some doggie beer to keep them refreshed. 

Tanya Torres