The Best Places to Live in El Paso

If you’ve decided to relocate to El Paso, TX then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of places to call home.

Each neighborhood in the city provides you with a beautiful view of the mountains. It’s no wonder the population in El Paso is starting to increase due to the nice weather, friendly residents and stunning views. If you’re searching for an ideal place to live at then any place in El Paso will do.

West Side

The West side of El Paso is the go to place for residents who are looking to live near the mountain, mall and the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). This part of the city has a lot more restaurants and some of the apartments are even right next to the mountain.

The best part of the west side area is Scenic Drive. Scenic Drive is located along the edge of the Franklin Mountains where the oldest and prestigious homes are located. These homes and the view of the city make it the most admired part of the city. This location is also frequented by most residents and tourists who want to take photos of the city or get in a great workout whether it is on bike or on foot.

Another great neighborhood to live in would be Kern Place which is minutes away from Scenic. This historic neighborhood is east of UTEP and north of Downtown. A lot of the houses at Kern Place were even built by the residents which contributed to their unique architecture. What is also great about this area is that it is part of the Cincinnati Entertainment District which includes a lot of bars and restaurants.


If you’re looking to stay away from the suburban lifestyle and love the hustle and bustle of a city then downtown is your perfect home. In this part of the city, you will be able to take in the beauty of the architecture in the older buildings. Around the Christmas holidays, the city lights up San Jacinto Plaza with a gorgeous Christmas tree and lights. This area is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in the city and have plenty to do whether it is for ice skating, photography, scavengers, partying or shopping.

Not only does downtown offer plenty of events, it also has other activities to venture to when there aren’t any events going on. For the sports enthusiasts, downtown has the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball team. For the avid reader and art enthusiast, there’s the library and the museum. For music and other forms of entertainment, the city has the Plaza Theatre, Tricky Falls and the Abraham Chavez Theatre. If you’re fortunate enough to live in this part of the city then you’ll never feel bored again.


If you want to be close to nature like scenic, Franklin Mountains and McKelligon Canyon then this is the place for you. You will find some hidden gems in this area more than others like bars, restaurants and other businesses. The homes here are also designed magnificently and you’ll even get s great deal on a home and apartment without a lot of effort. There’s no way to resist what is offered in this part of El Paso.

Homes near Memorial Park in El Paso, TX.

One huge perk of living in this area besides the fantastic scenery is living near an amazing park. If you are searching for a home that is close to a nicely sized park then the homes near Memorial Park is the perfect place for you. This area is in the middle of everything, you are still close to restaurants and you’re not far away from the university and other well-known colleges.

East Side

Although the east side of El Paso is barely beginning to grow as much as the other parts of the city, it doesn’t mean it has less to offer for future and current residents. This area continues to expand from homes, businesses, bars, gyms and restaurants.

One particular area is the Las Palmas and Vista Hills located near Montwood. The neighborhoods here are close to gyms, parks, churches, and stores. It is also walking distance to a fantastic park that offers a small skate park within it. Not only does the East Side offer a great park and fun places to visit but it also has plenty of spacious homes and apartments that are at a decent price.

Another gem in the East Side are the homes next to Burges High School. This area has a straight park in the middle of it that is easy to jog through. The houses there still have the mountain visible to them and there isn’t a lot of traffic in the area. The quiet neighborhood makes this one of the nicest places to live at in El Paso.

Far East Side

If you thought the East Side was the end of El Paso city limits then you better look again. Outside of El Paso you will find Horizon City which is still considered part of El Paso.

This area is still developing but has plenty to offer for future and current residents. Although this part of the city can seem far away when you have to travel to and from the other side of the city, you will be pleased to be living in this part of the city due to the small town vibe and the sense of security it offers.


If you are interested in living in an area where the cost of living is less, barely any traffic compared to other parts of the city, and still have the beautiful mountains to wake up to, then the Northeast is the place for you.

Not only is living in the nNrtheast nice but if you’re in the military then you’ll be close to Ft. Bliss and not very far from the White Sands Missile Range. Another plus side for living in the Northeast is that you can easily take a road trip to the ski resort town of Ruidoso, NM.

Tanya Torres