Houston: A Comprehensive Guide to Space City

July 8, 2024 @ 3:30 pm

Welcome to the heart of Texas! Houston is a vibrant metropolis that offers a unique blend of cultural diversity, economic prowess, and Southern charm. From its world-class dining and expansive arts scene to its bustling energy industry and rich history, Houston is a city that never ceases to amaze. Whether you’re already a Houstonian, a new transplant, or a curious traveler, this will guide you through the top things you need to know about Houston, uncovering the gems that make this city a remarkable place to live and visit. Dive in and discover what makes Houston truly special.

The sign ‘We Love Houston’ with Downtown Houston in background is shown

The sign ‘We Love Houston’ with Downtown Houston in background is shown – Image Credit: JHVEPhoto/shutterstock.com/g/JHVEPhoto

Why Move to Houston?

Houston is an Economic Powerhouse

  • Robust economy driven by energy, biomedical research, and aeronautics
  • Port of Houston facilitates movement of goods
  • Strategic location with three airports and a vast transportation system
  • Home to 26 Fortune 500 companies 

Houston Job Market

As people are moving to Houston for job opportunities, they may need a place to store their belongings as they search for permanent housing. Self-storage in Houston provides a flexible, secure solution during the transition and beyond.

Affordable Lifestyle in Houston

Data Source: Cost of living and housing costs data is originally from Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), Cost of Living Index, ‘23 Annual Average (Data based on a survey of 276 urban areas, published January  ‘24), but found and cited on houston.org

Houston’s Unique Features

How Big is Houston?

Cultural Diversity

  • Houston’s Racial and Ethnic Breakdown (2022, DATA USA)
    • White (Non-Hispanic): 23.6%
    • Black or African American (Non-Hispanic): 22%
    • Hispanic (of any race): 44.8% (further breakdown not provided in this source)
  • Festivals, culinary scene, and cultural institutions reflect this diversity

Source: Data is from the Census Bureau, data visualization is from DATA USA

Foodie Town


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Houston is Known By Many Names

Houston - the space city welcomes you

Houston – the space city welcomes you – Image Credit: gguy | shutterstock.com/g/gguy


  • “Space City” – home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Mission Control Center
  • “The Bayou City” – home to ten winding waterways flowing through the surrounding area
  • “The Energy Capital of the World” – home to more than 4,700 energy firms
  • “H-Town” – two theories for the nickname
    • Area Theatre, a venue informally called the H-Town Arena
    • Local R&B group with the same name from Houston

Living in Houston

Houston Weather

  • Air conditioning is essential due to the weather
  • Humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters
    • Summer average (June – Aug): 89 ℉ high, 75 ℉ low
    • Winter average (Dec – Feb): 70 ℉ high, 47 ℉ low

Because the climate in Houston can be tough on certain items like electronics, wooden furniture, and collectibles, climate-controlled storage units are essential for protecting valuable possessions from heat and humidity damage.

Houston’s Green Spaces

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Neighborhoods in the Houston Area

  • Inside the Loop (within Interstate 610) urban and cosmopolitan area
  • Outside the Loop (beyond Interstate 610) suburban area
  • No zoning laws contributes to a mix of residential and commercial neighborhood layout
  • Diverse neighborhoods catering to different lifestyles
    • Downtown: If you’re a city dweller at heart who loves to be at the center of all the action, downtown is where it’s at. It’s an attractive area for young professionals to empty nesters alike because of its close proximity to work, play, and plenty of green spaces.
      Midtown: This neighborhood just south of downtown provides plenty of charm and character. Plus, it’s highly walkable which means recent college graduates and young professionals flock to the area for its affordable cost of living and never-ending nightlife.
      Montrose: Is art and culture more of your neighborhood match? You’ll love the eclectic Montrose area with an artsy vibe, character-infused nightlife and trendy coffee shops. And as an added bonus, it’s an LGBTQ-friendly community.
      Second Ward: Dog-friendly young professionals love the Second Ward for it’s endless park options and space for outdoor activities like running, biking, and throwing a frisbee. You’ll also find Second Ward is brimming with culture and diverse cuisine opportunities.
      West University Place: Locals know it as West U, but West University Place is the ideal neighborhood for those looking for family-friendly living options. You’ll find adorable oak-lined streets, safe parks to frequent and another charming neighborhood (Rice Village) to make friends in nearby.

Houston Schools

Healthcare in Houston

Houston Self-Storage Options

  • Convenient for college students, homeowners downsizing, and business owners
  • 226 storage facilities in Houston offer a variety of unit sizes and amenities available to meet diverse needs

Fun and Recreation

Professional Sports Teams

The emblem of the Houston Astros baseball club and a baseball

The emblem of the Houston Astros baseball club and a baseball – Image Credit: fifg | shutterstock.com/g/fifg

Annual Events

Top Attractions

Houston is a dynamic city that offers something for everyone, from its rich cultural heritage and booming economy to its diverse neighborhoods and vibrant food scene, making it a remarkable place to live and visit. Whether you’re considering moving to Houston or just exploring its many attractions, this guide provides essential information to help you understand what makes this city truly special. Additionally, the convenience of self-storage in Houston caters to college students needing temporary storage, homeowners downsizing, and business owners seeking storage solutions, with a variety of options to meet your needs. This comprehensive overview addresses why so many people are moving to Houston and highlights the pros and cons of living in this bustling Texan city.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on November 23, 2022 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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