Best Professional Organizers in Houston

What does a professional organizer do? Isn’t it my job to keep my things in order? If I live in the space and have survived 15 years in my own home, why would I hire someone to help organize it? Well, it turns out that a trained professional organizer can actually provide the one thing I am always searching for–order.

I am an organized person, but my laundry room is overflowing with linens and laundry. I am an organized person, but my garage is an awful mess. As an organized, but very busy, person, I am constantly irritated by this disorder… but I never get around to fixing it.

A professional organizer would take these spaces and put them in order. Instead of just shoving towels in the closet, they would implement systems to help us keep things organized on a day-to-day basis.

More than this, a professional organizer can specialize in helping people stage homes, prepare for moves and in interior decorating. Hearing this got me, the very organized person, thinking about hiring a professional organizer. So I asked my community of BigKidSmallCity readers for their favorite organizers in Houston. These organizers rose to the top:

Judson Crowder, Restorganize

Judson Crowder (1)Judson Crowder specializes in garage, attic and off-site storage. Don’t let this tall, strong man fool you, though. He can organize a “man cave” one day, and go through a box of old love letters with another client the next day.

Judson started by organizing and managing the storage warehouses for the hit TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. He was a set dresser for all 9 seasons where he organized the thousands of knick-knacks and furnishings for the show.

His experience includes move management, temporary storage management (for remodeling or short term moves), inventorying, and organizing local celebrities like Roula, of The Roula & Ryan Show. He’s also the owner of the only Organization Methodology Design Studio in the world!


Ellen Delap

For over 15 years, Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Family Manager Coach, Ellen Delap has helped her clients make time and space for what’s important to them by organizing their homes, offices and their daily living.

Ellen, owner of, works one on one with her clients in their homes and offices streamlining their environment, creating effective strategies for an organized lifestyle and prioritizing organization in their daily routine. She specializes in working with ADD and ADHD adults and families.

Lisa Giesler, A Time and Place for Everything

Lisa Giesler is a Professional Organizer and the owner of A Time and Place for Everything. She is also the author of My Life is a Mess: Organizing 101 and Uncluttered: Discovering Strength & Purpose in the Chaos of Life.

Her humorous and informative speaking style entertains and encourages while educating various groups on productivity, organizing, and time management skills.


Maureen Guzman, Katy Home Organizer

Katy Home Organizer sprang from Maureen Guzman’s desire to help others, her natural talent for organizing, and her entrepreneurial spirit.

A caring person by nature, Maureen understands that life happens. Stuff piles up and sometimes just takes over. She does not judge you. She helps you sort through your things, get rid of the clutter, keep what you love, organize, and restore some sanity!


Taya Wright, Just Organized by Taya

Just Organized by Taya is a professional home staging and organization company that assists homeowners organize or prepare their property for a successful sale.

For the last three years, Taya has been assisting individuals and families implement effective solutions to declutter their homes and organize their living and work spaces by mapping their home, understanding the space available and their day-to-day activities.

In doing so, she transforms homes not only by developing a beautiful design but also a strategic design that intrinsically works around her client’s lifestyle to allow more organized and productive living.


Marcie Baker Turrin, Ship Shape Houston

Marcie Baker Turrin is the owner of Ship Shape Houston, a professional organizing, home staging, interior redecorating and move management firm.

As a formerly disorganized person, Marcie knows first-hand the stress, aggravation, and futility of feeling like your life is out of control. She helps clients take charge of their life, giving them the freedom to focus on what is important to them.



Gayle Goddard, Clutter Fairy Houston

Gayle Goddard, owner of The Clutter Fairy, doesn’t possess magical powers for making order out of chaos—just a natural sense of organization, a lot of empathy, and a keen insight into the relationships between people and their “stuff.”

Gayle spent more than 20 years organizing financial data as a CPA before turning her skill and passion for conquering clutter into a professional organizing business. As the Clutter Fairy, she offers one-on-one organizing, hands-on workshops, and ongoing support to help clients conquer clutter and focus on what they really want to be doing.

Other professional organizers in Houston to consider include:

Jill Jarvis