Las Vegas Moving Advice from Locals

Finding your “tribe” will take time

“Come here with an attitude of putting yourself out there. There isn’t an inherent community area where you can post up and make instant friends. You have to look for your community because it’s all over the place. You can get into theater, breakdancing, support various causes such as LGBT, homelessness or animal shelters or hang out at your favorite coffee shop and make friends.” –Juanny Romero, Owner of Sunrise Coffee

Don’t Write Off Downtown

Photo credit: Reannon Muth
Photo credit: Reannon Muth

“Fall in love first. The concept of urban living is so alien to Las Vegas natives. It’s just not the historical norm of Las Vegas, which myself and other downtowners understand. Whenever I encounter someone questioning the area, I immediately suggest they check it out for themselves. Take a walk. Get a bite to eat. Go get a drink. Watch a show. It shouldn’t take but only a single outing to realize how nostalgic downtown truly is. It’s arguably the only place in Las Vegas where there is true culture, raw and unrefined, in a way that blends modern living with simple convenience.” – Amber, Property Manager at the Juhl and the Ogden

“If I had to give one piece of advice, it might be to avoid over thinking about Downtown Vegas as a concept. There tends to be an all-or-nothing attitude about our neighborhood: that is will succeed 100%, or fail entirely; that it’s the greatest area in Vegas, or a glorified trash heap. I feel like the neighborhood itself gets lost in the dialogue. And it can be exhausting! For folks who are just moving here, I’d urge them to mute these conversations and instead focus on simply living, working and exploring Downtown Vegas on their own terms. “ – Drew Cohen, Founder/Buyer at The Writer’s Block

Take Time to Explore the Area Before You Decide

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“I recommend the same thing to people who want to move here or who already live here and want to downsize or upsize location. Drive around certain areas that you think you want to live in the morning afternoon and evening––every neighborhood has its own vibe and energy.” –-Misty McElhoes, a realtor at Elite Reality.

“Each area of the Las Vegas community has something wonderful and unique to offer, explore them all and make sure you have an idea of what’s most important to you.” –-Max Jacobson-Fried, Owner of Freed’s Bakery

Reannon Muth