Angelenos Tell All: The Most Embarrassing Thing I’ve Stored

As part of our recent L.A. Storage & Moving Study, we asked locals what was the most embarrassing thing they’ve ever stored.

The study explores the extent of Angelenos clutter, evaluating their storage trends and moving habits. The findings reveal that clutter affects many facets of Angelenos lives, including time management, personal relationships, and health.

Guilt can be a powerful emotion when it comes to holding onto our things. We found that the vast majority of Angelenos (93%) have kept an item because they felt guilty getting rid of it. However, some of the items that they were embarrassed to have kept are more of a guilty pleasure, it seems!

Warning, some of the items are quite gross. Please note, these were self-reported by our survey respondents. Here were some of the most, ahem, unique responses:

clown  slam book mickey mouse lollipop

  • Photos of myself disguised as a clown
  • A book of exotic sexual positions
  • A “slam book” from elementary school
  • A 10-year-old rejection letter from a school I applied to
  • Pictures of Christian Bale
  • A Mickey Mouse lollipop from when I was five years old
  • My gym shorts from junior high
  • A Celine Dion poster
  • Prints of Snapchat photos given to me by friends
  • My baby bed from 28 years ago
  • Dead skin from a previous injury
  • A “New Kids on the Block” CD
  • A giant stuffed M&M
  • The cast from my broken leg
  • A deli slicer

old cradle  leg cast  deli slicer

How do you think these compare with some of the weirdest responses from our nationally representative sample:

wife holding cat to cover her body  panties  saber tooth tiger skull

  • Pornography starring my sister that my ex-husband bought without telling me
  • The condom I used on a first date
  • A photo of my half-naked spouse holding a cat to hide her exposed parts
  • Locks of an ex-partner’s hair
  • Nude photographs of an ex-partner
  • An ex-partner’s underwear
  • My gallstones
  • A penis-shaped Halloween costume
  • My used tampons
  • My collection of iPhone boxes
  • A box of old TV Guide issues referencing Star Trek
  • A fake saber-toothed tiger skull
  • Grass from Paul Newman’s yard
  • My dead mother’s wig
  • The label from the first stick of deodorant I ever used
  • My old thong underwear from high school
  • An empty bag of chips given to me by an old crush
  • An old crush’s lip balm
  • Old love letters I sent in elementary school
  • My middle school jock strap
  • A binder filled with photos of my childhood celebrity crushes
  • Platform shoes from my 20s
  • The rubber ducky I played with as a child
  • A positive pregnancy test
  • Disposable underwear

A lock of an ex's hair  love letters  gallstones

What’s the weirdest or most embarrassing thing that you’ve ever stored?

Jodi Bart Holzband