How Dog Friendly is Memphis, Really?

You might be planning to move to Memphis without leaving behind your furry four-legged friend. On the other hand, you might be planning to get a dog as soon as you settle down in your new home. Let me tell you right now, you’ve picked the right city if you’re wanting to try a new city with a dog. But, just how dog friendly is Memphis?

Plenty of parks

There are quite a few parks you can bring your dogs to, such as the Outback at Shelby Farms Park. However, when you need something a little more everyday and casual, drop by The Barking Lot at the corner of Main St. and Jefferson. This tiny dog park helps your dog relieve him or herself, and lets you rest on the benches munching food truck meals.

Set in Overton Park, Overton Bark is a 1.3-acre dog-friendly park was made for both dogs and their humans to socialize and have a good, relaxed time. There are even water fountains and dog size-friendly areas.

Dogs-welcome patios

Known for its grass-fed beef burgers, Belly Acres promises a good and filling meal—and space for your dog on the patio. So feel right at home and bring your dog right up to the restaurant with you.

Muddy’s Bakeshop’s midtown location has an outdoor patio you can rest at on a hot day, with your dog eating their special treats while you have some coffee. It’s a great place to chill with family, friends, or definitely even with your dog.

Feel like having a full dinner experience instead of just passing through? Loflin Yard offers firepit barbecue, cocktails, and an array of patios and yards just for chilling in. All that and pet-friendly, too—your dog can run in the open spaces while you have your dinner or event.

Dog-friendly attractions

If you’re in the mood to experience culture in an unexpected way, and you want your dog to come along with you, take a carriage and go around parts of the mid-south. It’s a relaxing activity when it’s not too hot, and life can slow down while you’re on the move—all the while experiencing city culture.

The C.H. Nash Museum Chucalissa is a fascinating place, as much outdoors as it is indoors. Besides being an unusual museum not limited to four walls, you can even bring your dog with you on a leash. That way, you get the privilege of learning about culture and history, without having to worry about leaving your dog behind.

So, how dog friendly is Memphis?

The truth is, as a dog lover, you will never run out of places to go and things to do with your dog. This counts for you if you are with your family, if it’s what you do with your friends, or if it’s what you do with your four-legged friend right there. If you want our opinion, it’s a pretty great deal.

Grant Oster