Where Are All the New Residents of New Orleans Moving From?

New Orleans is perhaps best known for its leisure activities, especially Mardi Gras, but did you know the area is also becoming a tech hub? It’s true, according to financial website SmartAsset, which named the city number one in the U.S. for jobs in technology.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that New Orleans is growing. In fact, the metro area added nearly 7,000 new residents between July 2015 and July 2016, according to the latest census data.

During that time, the population went from 1,262,071 to 1,268,883, a 0.54 percent increase. Orleans Parish, the county equivalent in which New Orleans is located, grew slightly more slowly during that time, going from 389,738 to 391,495 people, a 0.45 percent increase. (The metro area is larger than the parish, and so is its population.)

Some of that growth comes from new births and immigration, but a good chunk of it is also due to people moving into New Orleans from other places in the U.S. Indeed, Orleans Parish attracted 23,675 domestic movers from 2011 to 2015, according to another census study that covers those years.

So, where are all those people coming from? That same census study gives us a pretty good idea. The majority, 55 percent, is moving from other places in the U.S., while the rest, 45 percent, is moving from within Louisiana.

Below are rankings for the top five counties of origin for movers to Orleans Parish:

Movers outside of Louisiana:

  1. Harris County, TX (Houston)
  2. Los Angeles County, CA
  3. Cook County, IL (Chicago)
  4. Bexar County, TX (San Antonio)
  5. Johnson County, IA (Iowa City)

Movers from Louisiana:

  1. Jefferson Parish
  2. East Baton Rouge Parish
  3. St. Tammany Parish
  4. St. Bernard Parish
  5. St. John the Baptist Parish

Above are the top places inside Louisiana that people moved to Orleans Parish from over the five-year period 2011-2015. Numbers represent the number of movers from that place during the period.


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