The Ultimate New York City Moving Day Playlist

May 1 is Moving Day in New York City. For more than a hundred years all city residents moved on the same chaotic day when all leases were scheduled to expire by law.

Thankfully New Yorkers put a stop to that crazy business, but that won’t stop us from celebrating the start of moving season with our own New York-themed playlist.

Our eclectic moving day playlist spans several genres, befitting the diversity you’ll find in the five boroughs. Each song is either about living in New York or a song about moving by a New York artist. Listen while you unpack boxes in your new parlor floor apartment  or while your stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel behind the wheel of your moving truck.

Or maybe you’re still dreaming of making your way to the Big Apple. Whatever the case, TURN IT UP!

Heads up! This playlist may contain explicit lyrics. 

Al Harris