4 Reasons You Might Think Twice About Moving to Oklahoma City

Okie pride runs deep in the heartland. Whether your roots run back to the Great Land Run of 1889 or the state has adopted you since your recent move, you’re likely to hop on the bandwagon with those who love Oklahoma.

This is true for most people … but not for all. For some people, Oklahoma City will simply not be your cup of tea. There is nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you’re aware of it before you pack your bags and head this way.

Here are four ways to tell if OKC is bound to drive you nuts:

1. If you can’t handle small talk…

We Okies talk a lot and often we talk slow with a slight draw and thick southern accents. We are one of the friendliest plsvrd in this great country and so whether you’re fueling up on gas, getting your haircut, picking something up from the post office or checking out in the grocery store line, the person you’re dealing with will most likely ask you how you’re doing, how the family is, how business is going, if you’ve been keeping up with OU football or the OKC Thunder and what the weather will probably look like that evening.

This kind of small talk isn’t exempt in board rooms or in job interviews either. In Oklahoma, where everyone wants to know everyone, it’s never just about business. If you’re used to keeping a private lifestyle and not getting at least minimally involved in your community, Oklahoma City might not be the place for you.

2. If you’re a diehard liberal.

Conservative values surround Oklahomans and often find their way into our states politics, classrooms, and conversations. We have our fair share of truly respectable Democrats, some of whom serve in our state legislature. Likewise, we have Democrat run organizations like The Oklahoma Democratic Party, Blue Oklahoma and South OKC Women’s Democrat Club, all of whom work to preserve and strengthen progressive movements.

Overwhelmingly, however, Oklahoma is conservative. Our Mayor Mick Cornett is a Republican and he is currently serving his fourth term. (He’s running for governor in 2018.) If you are a diehard liberal this just might drive you nuts.

3. If you like predictable, stable weather.

I lived for a year in San Diego before I made the move to OKC and all the while I was waiting for a leaf to turn, literally and figuratively. I couldn’t get over how stable and predictable the weather was there; usually about 70 degrees and sunny all the time.

Oklahoma’s weather is anything but predicable and stable. We have two seasons that we describe as “hot” and “cold.” Hot season is from May until October and cold season lasts from October until May. Hot season can see days where heat temperatures reach three digits and can become dangerous. Cold days can be equally unbearable. Throw in the occasional thunderstorm and frequent tornadoes and you’re looking at a state with some serious bipolar weather.

If you like the outdoors enough to spend the majority of your time in it, Oklahoma’s weather may not cooperate with you and your lifestyle might take a serious blow. Think twice about moving to OKC if you’re someone who hates being indoors most of the time or who enjoys environmental predictability.

4. If you want to live in a city that’s already “made it.”

Oklahomans are working hard to make our state one that is boast worthy. The safety of our children, quality of our healthcare and education systems and the aesthetic appeal of our curbsides, mean a great deal to us.

A recent study from U.S. News & World Report, placed Oklahoma as one of the worst states in the nation for road quality, obesity rates, smoking rates and infant mortality rates. We have projects in place to improve upon each of these areas. However, progress takes time.

If you want your children or better yet, your children’s children, to live in a good state with high marks, Oklahoma City is one you’ll want to consider and invest in. If you are looking to live in a place that already has high marks in these areas you might want to consider living elsewhere.

Nazerene Harris