San Jose Voted One of the Worst Places For Apartment Renters

San Jose might be one of the best places to move if you are looking to land a job in tech, but it is one of the worst places for apartment renters.

A new survey of more than 45,000 renters across the country found that those living in San Jose are among the least satisfied in America. The survey, conducted by Apartment List, asked renters to rate their overall satisfaction with their current city, and rate the city on 11 additional factors such as job opportunities, safety, and affordability.

Among the country’s top 50 cities, San Jose came in 43rd, between Albuquerque, NM (42nd) and Cleveland, OH (44th). Renters in San Jose gave the city a C on average, but millennial renters gave the city an even lower score: a big fat F.

When it comes to individual factors renters gave San Jose F-grades for commute times and affordability, which should come as no surprise. San Jose is one of the most expensive places to rent, with the median monthly cost of a 1-bedroom apartment coming up to $2,020, according to Apartment List.

There were a few bright spots however. Renters gave San Jose an A-grade for weather (obviously) and a B- for safety and crime. Job and career opportunities also earned a B.

Here is how apartment dwellers in San Jose rated the city:

  • Overall grade: C
  • Jobs and career opportunities: B
  • Safety and crime: B-
  • Commute time: F
  • Weather: A
  • State and local taxes: D
  • Quality of schools: C+
  • Affordability: F
  • Public transit: C+
  • Social life: C+
  • Recreational activities: C
  • Pet-friendliness: C+

You can explore full nationwide results of the survey on the website.

Al Harris