5 Best Places to Enjoy Nature in Spokane, WA

As the second largest city in the state regarding population, there are many great parks, trails and stadiums where residents can enjoy nature in Spokane.

You’ll find many beautiful parks in the heart of the downtown area as well as those that offer more room to spread out. Hiking is a favorite activity in the Eastern portion of the state, and there are many hiking options with views of the city and beautiful Evergreens.

Check out these best places to enjoy nature in Spokane:

1. Riverfront Park

Located in the very heart of Downtown is Riverfront Park. Plenty of fun attractions will keep you busy for an afternoon.

The more than 100-acre park boasts views of Spokane Falls and the Spokane River. The park features a beautiful clocktower and a vintage carousel that is still in use today. The Sculpture Walk is also not to be missed. You’ll also find the beautiful Centennial Trail that borders the Spokane River and offers excellent walking, jogging, or biking opportunity on a lunch break.

2. Manito Park

More than 150,000 visitors flock to the 90-acre Manito Park each year in Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood. Manito Park includes beautiful lawns as well as many paths for walking or biking. You’ll notice manicured gardens and a greenhouse conservatory as well. Families love bringing kids to the park with many choices of playgrounds, fountains, and bridges to cross.

3. Iller Creek Trail

Located in the Dishman Hills Conservation Area, the Iller Creek Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails to enjoy nature in Spokane. It features a 5-mile loop that includes a fabulous view from the top of the path called Rocks of Sharon.

There are a few ways to get up to the viewpoint which can be great for those wanting a different hiking experience. The trail is suitable for moderate hikers but be careful to also watch out for many mountain bikers who share the path. Enjoy the view from the top of the beautiful Inland Northwest.

4. Palisades Park Trail

If you’re looking for a leisurely walk or hike through 464 acres, look no further than the Palisades Park Trail. Located close to the city with great views of downtown Spokane, hikers can get back to nature without having to drive too far or leave the general area. The Palisades Park Trail is an excellent example of the city’s slogan, “Near Nature, Near Perfect,” in its easy accessibility to a wide range of Spokane residents.

5. Roos Field

Known as one of the few non-green turfs playing surfaces for Division 1 football, Roos Field is home to the Eastern Washington University Eagles located just a short drive from Spokane. The field features red turf and was named after Michael Roos, a former player who went onto play in the NFL. The color of the field draws many visitors as well as the beautiful rolling hills of the Eastern Washington landscape.

6. Avista Stadium

Home to the Spokane Indians, Avista Stadium is the closest thing that Spokane residents will get to professional baseball. This minor league team plays in a beautiful built-from-scratch stadium constructed in just three months back in 1958. Avista Stadium holds over 6,800 spectators and is a great location to breathe in some fresh air on a chilly spring night under the lights.

With a slogan of “Near Nature, Near Perfect,” there are plenty of places to enjoy nature within the Spokane area. Consider visiting one of these best places to enjoy nature in Spokane this coming weekend.

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