Portable Storage in Chattanooga, TN

Storage that comes to you. Moving? You can also have your things delivered to your new home! It's the most convenient way to move and store your stuff.

What is portable storage?

Portable storage, or mobile storage, containers emulate the stationary type of storage unit you'd rent at a storage facility. The only difference is that they're dropped off and picked up at your convenience.

How does portable storage work?

A truck will drop off the storage container at your house. Once you pack it with all your stuff, you can keep it on your property or have the mobile storage company pick it up and take it back to their warehouse. Moving? They can also deliver it to your new home.

How Portable Storage in Chattanooga, TN Works

Moving and storage with popular portable storage companies in Chattanooga

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Portable storage options in Chattanooga

Local Moving
Long Distance Moving
Labor Available
Street-legal containers
Average Prices

$450 local, $1500 medium, $2500 long-distance. Includes one month's rental of the container

Select PODS

Moving: $599 local, medium $1399, long-distance $1899 Storage: Starting at $109.00, 30 days Free

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N/A local, $1500 medium, $2200 long-distance Storage: n/a

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Everything you need to know about portable storage in Chattanooga, TN

Portable storage for moving in Chattanooga

One of the most common reasons people need storage is that they're moving to a new home. Portable storage is a safe and convenient solution for getting all of your stuff where it needs to go - especially if you have to deal with the weird in-between stage of not having anywhere to put it. The best part of using portable storage for moving is that the company can then deliver your unit to your new home!

Some moves can be tricky. For example, your new home might not be ready when you move out of your old home. Portable storage is an excellent storage option for these situations. Whatever your specific moving logistics are, portable storage can come to the rescue!

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