SpareFoot Auctions is our new national database of storage auctions that makes it simple to find upcoming storage auctions near you. We found that other storage auction directories were either not comprehensive (they only listed a few auctions) or not user-friendly (they were difficult to search, didn’t include phone numbers, or buried details within large blocks of information), and decided it was time to step into the arena ourselves.

We pull together our free listings from hundreds of newspapers that publish their Public Notices online. This information is often hidden within legal text, so the most important and labor-intensive part of this process is extracting the details that potential auction-goers need to know.

Our database currently consists of over 3,000 upcoming storage auctions across the U.S., and it’s constantly updated with more listings. We provide all of the relevant information: Storage facility name, address, phone number, and the date and time of each auction. This is all highly search-able, and you can sort local search results by distance from zip code or by how many days away auctions are. In the future, our auction listings will provide additional details like the number of units up for sale and an inventory of items in each unit, where available.

The immense recent popularity of storage auctions, sparked by hit TV shows Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, helped inspire our project. Customers frequently call and email SpareFoot’s support team with questions about auctions. Tony, our SEO Analyst, even found that  search volume for the phrase “storage auctions” rivals that of broad search terms like “self storage” and “storage units.”

“We’re going to keep building this and making it more functional,”  Tony said. “We eventually want to serve as a resource to help facility operators improve the auctions process to the point that they actually look forward to having one.”

SpareFoot Auctions is completely free for consumers to browse, and it’s free for storage facilities and auctioneers to add and manage their listings. Stay tuned for more news as we evolve this.