Dave Hester, the resident villain on the A&E reality show “Storage Wars,” frequently manages to work his way into the news. Most recently, Hester made headlines after TMZ posted a video showing one of the most hated men in reality TV brawling with two of his “Storage Wars” co-stars.

Dave Hester

To satisfy your curiosity about TV’s most famous storage-auction bidder, here are 19 facts about Hester.

  1. Hester was born July 23, 1964, at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base near Oceanside, CA (Source and Source).
  2. Hester attended his first storage auction in 1986 (Source).
  3. Hester became a storage auctioneer in 1992 (Source).
  4. In 2005, after being convicted of drunk driving, Hester was ordered to do community service at a Goodwill store (Source).
  5. Hester debuted on “Storage Wars” when it premiered in 2010 on A&E (Source).
  6. Hester’s nickname is “The Mogul” (Source).
  7. Hester’s catchphrase is “Yuuup!” (Source).
  8. Hester closed two Southern California businesses, Newport Consignment Gallery and the Rags to Riches thrift store, in 2011 (Source).
  9. Hester was fired from “Storage Wars” in 2012 (Source).
  10. In a lawsuit filed in December 2012, Hester alleged that he was wrongfully fired and claimed that “Storage Wars” was staged and valuable items were planted in storage units. The case was settled in July 2014 (Source and Source).
  11. Following dismissal of the lawsuit, Hester returned to “Storage Wars” in 2014 (Source).
  12. In mid-2015, Hester got into an on-set, profanity-laced brawl with “Storage Wars” co-stars Dan and Laura Dotson (Source).
  13. One of Hester’s most valuable finds at a storage auction was “The Golden Pool,” a painting by California impressionist Jack Wilkinson Smith, that he bought for $750 and sold for $155,000 (Source).
  14. Hester’s storage-auction business is called Dave Hester Auctioneer (Source).
  15. As of June 23, 2015, Hester had 90,800 followers on Twitter (Source).
  16. As of June 23, 2015, Hester’s official Facebook page had 85,000 likes (Source).
  17. Hester has one child, a son named Dave Jr. (Source).
  18. Hester enjoys vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Alaska (Source).
  19. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is Hester’s favorite charity (Source).