Get your remotes ready, Dave Hester haters. Season 8 of “Storage Wars” starts July 21.

Based on a Season 8 preview posted on A&E’s website, we can expect Hester to be the same villain who everybody loves to hate. Need more proof? There’s that much-reported, profanity-filled, on-set brawl in June involving Hester and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson.

Dave Hester Season 8 Storage Wars

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To back up Hester’s villain status, a voiceover announcer, in the cadence of an auctioneer, says in the preview video: “Dave’s making more trouble, lots of trouble, can’t stop making trouble.”

The preview highlights just one instance of Hester’s troublemaking.

“I just stole that locker,” Hester boasts.

Fellow bidder Darrell Sheets shoots back: “It’s half-empty—just like his head.”

Aside from Hester, Sheets and the Dotsons, Season 8’s cast of characters features bidders Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Ivy Calvin, Brandon Sheets (Darrell’s son), Mary Padian and Rene Nezhoda.

To get you geared up for Season 8, here’s A&E’s summary of the premiere episode:

“The valley of Perris, CA hosts an early morning auction that has the buyers waking up early and watching their bids. Jarrod and Brandi start the day in high spirits, but things get tense as Dave shows up with more bluster than usual. Mary tries not to let the other buyers get her down and Ivy remains sharp and ready for a great score.”

A more blustery Dave Hester? We can’t wait.