You may have seen life-size cardboard cutouts of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, President Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But have you ever spotted a cardboard cutout of a celebrity in the self-storage industry?

We have.

Anne Ballard
“The Ballard” shows off SpareFoot’s Startup Games “threepeat” banner.

SpareFoot recently hosted a cardboard cutout of Anne “The Hat Lady” Ballard, one of the most beloved professionals in the storage business. Ballard is president of training, marketing and development services at Atlanta, GA-based Universal Storage Group, a self-storage operator. Ballard’s company decided to send a cardboard cutout of Ballard on a promotional tour of the U.S., and SpareFoot was delighted to be the first stop. (Too bad the real Anne Ballard wasn’t here!)

After the cutout—known simply as “The Ballard”—arrived, Rachel Greenfield Davis, a member of SpareFoot’s Product & Marketing Team, posed her in various places around our offices in Austin, TX, and snapped some photos. In this blog post, you’ll see “The Ballard” hanging out in our cafeteria, showing off one of our soda refrigerators and even glamming it up with Rachel.

Sadly, we’ve bid adieu to “The Ballard.” She’s now off to Automatit’s headquarters in Tucson, AZ, followed by Open Tech Alliance’s offices in Phoenix, AZ; SiteLink’s headquarters in Raleigh, NC; Janus International’s offices in Temple, GA; JMWilliams Contractors’ headquarters in Marietta, GA; and finally back to Universal Storage Group’s offices in Atlanta.

We hope “The Ballard” is racking up some frequent flier miles on her journey.

On Facebook and Twitter, watch for the hashtag #wherestheballardUSG to find out what she’s up to now.

Anne Ballard
“The Ballard” admires a piece of artwork in the SpareFoot cafeteria.
Anne Ballard
“The Ballard” proves that she’s deep in the heart of Texas.
Anne Ballard
“The Ballard” really wants a beverage, but she can’t open the refrigerator door.
Anne Ballard
The sun sets on “The Ballard” in Austin, TX.
Anne Ballard
SpareFoot’s Rachel Greenfield Davis poses with “The Ballard.”