Austin City Limits is kind of a big deal. It’s the longest running music series in American history, it’s spun off one of the largest music festivals in the United States, and it’s name has helped make Austin known as a live music mecca around the world.

But how big are Austin’s city limits? Not the TV show or the music festival, but the actual borders that demarcate where the City of Austin begins and ends, from which the musical phenomenon took its name? We could give you a number, and tell you that Austin’s city limits encompass roughly 274 square miles of land, but unless you have an exceptional ability to envision huge areas that probably doesn’t tell you much. Instead, we’ll show you. Using the mapping tool MAPfrappe, we carefully drew out Austin’s city limits. This tool then allowed us to move the outline around the world, recalculating its shape to adjust for Mercator projection distortions. This allowed us to compare Austin’s city limits with other cities around the world.


And of course, since self-storage is kind of SpareFoot’s thing, we had to answer the question you’re all wondering: how many 10 x 20 storage units would it take to store the City of Austin? It turns out that you’d need 38,193,408 10 x 20 self-storage units to store Austin’s city limits. And since 10 x 20 storage units go for an average price of $156 in Austin, you’d end up paying $5,958,171,648 to store the ATX.